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Forum rules

Post by airfan1963 » Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:29 pm

1/ No spam!
Do not make useless posts only to become VIP member. It is not correct way. If you are looking for something, please use "Search" function at first. If you don´t, your post will be locked by moderators and they will give you warning.

2/ No child or zoo porn! No necrophilia, snuff or canibalism. Also posts with scat or hidden cams content aren't tolerated

3/ No video with involuntary practices.

4/ Post in right categories. Post has to be full-valuable, it means that post has to contain good screenshot ( screen caps taken from the movie/clip or a front and back cover) and content. e.g.: two pics or one-minute long free video aren´t good. In case you break the rule, moderators will give you warning.
If you share multiple files in a RAR or ZIP file (example photos) add info about the amount of files. Info about the file size is a pre.

5/ Do not post links to other boards or blogs.

6/ If you use in your galleries as a screenshot web page from where the videos or pictures are, please insert link into CODE! Otherwise productions (the owner of the web site) can see where are the visitors from.

7/ Do not post videos made by Czech productions. Otherwise moderators will give you warning.

8/ Posting links from this forum elsewhere (without the permission of the original uploader) means ban.

9/ Please behave politely to other members and respect moderators.

10/ Please fuse the same productions posts, it will help to lucidity of the forum.

11/ Requests in the "request" section are tolerated after sending 50 posts with links, below this limit will be deleted

12/ Each link must be accessible for free users.

13/ Do not use payed links! Like usercash linkbucks etc.
All download links must lead to the DIRECT download redirecting links.

14/ Do not use auto posting software. Violators will be banned.

15/ Do not flood. We tolerate 10-15 post per day. Please adhere to a reasonable time between posts of let's say 10-15 minutes. This concerns mostly those posting in single post per thread sections, but megathread owners please be aware of that as well! Violators will be banned.

What is VIP and how to become VIP-member?
VIP is locked section of the board. If you want to be a VIP-member, you can ask moderators. But ask only if you think, you really deserve it. But it is useless to ask for membership without few dozens of uploads (depends especially on quality of your upload). We have limit for senior member approximately 30-50 uploads and for VIP 70-100 uploads . Some work for board e.g. making screens, fusing posts etc. can help you to get VIP access, but you still need your own uploads. VIP membership can be obtained exceptionally for complete site rip , or 3-4 really big uploads (cca 20GB) , for example.
If you are inactive VIP access is canceled.