Lola's XXX-Mas

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Lola's XXX-Mas

Post by loladehoe » Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:42 pm

Daddy David brought me to this house on Sunday night (12/24). He had rented me to be his xxx-mas gift. To tie, gag, wrap and then use for his pleasure at midnight.

What I didn’t know was that daddy David had also invited his friends to CUM over and use his XXXmas gift. Daddy likes to share.

Daddy David picked me up, off a street corner in Queens, around 9PM. He had some erotic music playing in his car. He said it was to get me in the mood. I love erotic music. I specially love being FUCKED while erotic, loud music is playing.

We drove to a near by liquor store. Daddy David told me to wait for him in the car while he went inside to get alcohol.

While daddy David was inside, daddy Jake called for hot phone sex. While my daddy David was buying the alcohol I was making daddy Jake CUM over the phone. Daddy Jake just sneaked out of his house to call me, because his girlfriend was there.

Daddy David came back while I was moaning like a whore, and touching myself, for daddy Jake.

Once daddy David sat into the car, he reached over, move my whore hand that I was using to touch myself for daddy Jake, and he started to moleste me.

I moaned louder, and louder, as daddy David molested me, and daddy Jake kept telling me how much of a filthy, dirty whore I was, and how much better I was then his girlfriend.

When daddy Jake finally came, he came hard, and I was soooooooo wet. My panty was drench with my juices, and daddy David loved it.

Daddy Jake hung up after he came.

Most daddies who have phone sex with me quickly hang up after they cum. I love it. Because it makes me feel like a useless sex toy. To use, and leave when done.

Daddy David put the car in reverse, backed up, and we started to head to his house. Daddy David had bought 4 mini baby bottles of vodka.

Daddy David: “Here whore, start drinking these, and keep touching your wet panty. I want you really horny by the time we get to the house.”

I did just what daddy David said.

Took about 45 mins to get to daddy David’s house, since he lives in the north shore.

When we got there, he pulled into the garage, went around and help me out of the car. He got the bags of alcohol he bought (he bought a lot), and we walked into his house.

He told me to go sit in the living room, while he went to put the alcohol in the kitchen.

When I got to the living room, there was an Christmas tree, adorned with photos all around. They were photos of me. Me with cum on my face. Me sucking cock. Me getting fucked. Me tied and gagged. Me being forced.

On top of the tree, instead of a star, there was a little sign that said “Lola”.

This was my tree, the Lola tree. I loved it.

Daddy David walked back in and said: “Do you like the tree I made just for you baby girl?”

Lola: “Oh daddy, I love it. Am I going to be a gift under the Lola tree?”

Daddy David: “Yes, you are. Now here drink this wine while I go get the stuff to gift wrap you in.”

Lola: “Yes, daddy.”

While daddy David went upstairs to get the “gift wrapping” items, I drank the glass of wine my daddy gave me.

Once daddy David came back down, he had pink bondage tape, and chocker that said SLUT all over. He also had a big, pink gift wrapping bow.

Daddy David: “Ok, whore come here by the tree.”

Lola: “Yes, daddy.”

Daddy David, then turn me around, and started to fondle me again. My panty was still wet from before. He loved it. I loved it.

After fondling me, and molesting me for about 2 minutes, he crouched down to pull down my panty. He help me lift my legs, so he can pull my panty off.

Daddy David: “Ok, now put on this chocker on and then lie down on the floor by the tree.”

I did what I was told, and daddy David started to bound my ankles first. Then my thighs. Then my hands. Then my arms.

He then put my wet panty inside my mouth, and put tape over it. He wrapped that tape around my mouth at least 5 times. He said so my moans, and scream would be muffled. I loved it.

Daddy David then bent my knees, and put them close to my bound hands. He then bound them together so I ended up being hog tied.

Finally he put the gift wrap bow on the top of my legs, which were now tied to my arms.

Daddy David: “What a beautiful little whore gift you are. I am going to finish up preparing in the back. My friends will be here in about 1hr. At midnight we will open our Lola present and make sure you get pregnant tonight, you fucking little whore.”

I didn’t know daddy David had friends cumming over, so I started to try to say something, but I was muffled. That made daddy David hard. He loved to hear me muffled.

Daddy David turn on the TV and started to play hardcore, gangbang porn.

Daddy David: “There you go whore. Watch and hear these whores moan. This is how we are going to gang breed you tonight.”

That got me soooooo wet.

I started to struggle under the tree, because I knew that got daddy David hard. He has bound me, and used me before. So I know what he likes.

He went to Kitchen and I was left there, like a piece of fuck meat, gift wrapped and ready to be used.

A while later the door bell rang, and daddy David lets 4 other daddies inside. They all came to the tree to look at the whore they are going to use that night.

Two of the daddies bent over and fondle me. Touched me. Caressed me.

Then daddy David brought them alcohol, and they all went to the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later the door bell rang again. It’s 2 more daddies.

This happens about 4 more times. By the end, daddy David had invited 14 daddies to CUM share his Lola gift.

The house was now crowded with horny daddies, looking to breed a cheap whore like me. They kept cumming to the Lola tree, to fondle the Lola under it.

Some spanked my ass. Others touched my clit.

When one daddy pulled my heels off and started to kiss my nylon clad feet, daddy David told him: “not yet”.

I felt so helpless. I felt like a sex toy ready to be used by horny, drunk men. I felt like a piece of fuck meat. I loved it.

At about 5 mins to midnight, daddy David called everyone to the living room.

Daddy David: “Ok guys, I just want to wish all of you a merry Christmas and happy new year, and because we are good friends, and I like you guys, I decided to give you guys this sex doll as your Christmas gift. Her name is Lola. You seen her photos around the tree. That’s what she can do. That’s what she loves to do. So at midnight on the dot, we will unwrap her and you can all take turns using her. She loves to have alcohol on her. So feel free to pour it on her body. Don’t remove the mouth gag though, we want to keep her moans, and screams muffled, and keep her hands and arms bound. Tonight we are focusing on her pussy-ass. Also, I put a big rug under her, so don’t worry about the drinks ruining the floor.” (they laughed). “So with that, it’s 1 minute to midnight, so have fun, fuck her good, and cheers.”

Other daddies: “Cheers!”

At midnight on the dot, daddy David came over, and whispered in my ear: “Dirty little whore, I will let all these guys breed you and then I will fuck you at the end. Make them feel good you dirty whore.”

He had a scissor and cut the tape, freeing my hands from my legs. He also cut the tape on ankles and thighs, but left the tape on my hands, and arms. He also left my mouth gagged, and taped.

He got up, and two daddies grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me away from the Lola tree. Another daddy pour what felt like KY on my exposed ass. Then two daddies, one on each side, pulled my legs open. To have them spread, as daddy after daddy started taking turns penetrating me.

I was kept gagged, so my moans and screams were muffled as they forced their hard cocks deep INside me.

Some daddies touched me, fondled my breasts, or cock slap my face, while a daddy was fucking me.

Some other daddies were sucking on my toes, putting their cocks on my nylon clad feet, while another daddy was deep IN me.

One by one, they took turns putting their hard, hard cocks Inside my tight pussy ass, as the porn loudly played in the background, and I kept looking at the Lola tree with all the photos of me being used.

It felt so good to be a sex toy.

It gelt so good to be bound, and gagged not being able to do anything as random daddy after daddy went inside me.

As each one ejaculated they got up, gave thanks to daddy David, and left.

One by one, they ejaculated, zipped up and left.

Until it was only daddy David left.

By this time I was drenched in alcohol, since daddies kept pouring beer, and vodka/tequila, and wine all over my whore body. Some even poured it on my nylon clad feet and legs before licking and sucking them.

Daddy David came up to me and said: “Look at you, you filthy, dirty, used sex toy. You are just a useless, dumb, stupid piece of meat. That’s the only thing you are good for, right whore?”

Lola (muffled): “hmmmmffffff.”

Daddy David: “Fuck, yeah. Now its my turn to inseminate you.“

Daddy David got behind me and his big, big cock went deep INside me, as I moaned like a cheap whore.

He fucked me soooooo hard. The kept thrusting and pushing his erect penis deep INside me, slapping my ass, calling me dirty names, until he finally came sooooooo hard.

After he came, he got up, got the tape, and tied my ankle and thighs again.

Daddy David: “You’re such a hot piece of fuck meat. So hot. Ok, whore I am going to bed now. I will leave you here like this. In the morning, I will come and fuck you again, and then I will drop of you.”

Daddy David leaned down, he kissed my forehead, turned off the lights and went upstairs.

I was left drench in cum and alcohol, tied and gagged under the Lola tree, which lights were still twinkling.

I slowly started to pass out.

Feeling like a used sex toy.

Feeling like a dumb, stupid whore.

Feeling so good.

The porn was still playing on the TV.
~ Lola

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