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Blair - Price of Wagering

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The High Price of Wagering
by Blair


Erin could not believe she had allowed herself to be goaded into wagering.

Unfortunately for her she had won the first three races without wagering and

over estimated her ability to pick winners, having two long island ice teas

beginning to affect her judgment also did not help. When Deborah and

Katherine talked her into betting she felt confident her winning streak would


Fortunately to everyone's amusement they were enjoying watching the petite red

head being humbled. The person most grateful for her foolishness was the

formerly nude woman called Pet by her "owner". Erin had lost first her shoes

and then wanting to win them back lost her dress.

Erin was invited to the "races" by her largest client, Katherine Sloan. She

had left the firm of Johnson, McMicheal and Weber to start her own law firm.

She had taken several clients. Katherine however was a real coup for her. Sloan

Industries was a very large client for her former employers and to Erin it was

the cornerstone of the business she dreamed of building. Only 29 she had the

intelligence and drive to realize her dreams at an early age.

Now she was humiliating herself by making stupid wagers. She was barefoot

wearing only her push up bra and panties. The club rules prohibited anyone not

dressed in normal street attire from using chairs. She was further humbled

when the stewards removed her chair. She had two options stand and draw

attention to herself or kneel. She figured that by kneeling at least she would

be quite so visible.

She glared at Pet as the steward gave her Erin's chair. Wearing Erin's dress

and shoes she was now appropriately attired and was deemed acceptable to sit

rather than kneel as Erin was. Erin blushed in embarrassment and anger when

Deborah told Pet that "seeing how she was now dressed like a real person she

could sit like a real person". Deborah's comments though not directed at her

were meant for her.

She was honored when Katherine had invited her to a special club she belonged

to. She was stunned when Katherine explained on the drive out just what the

club was. All the members had "unconventional interests". The club held races

every other month where "certain individuals" would race. The "interests" ran

the gamut. Erin found them shocking. The "individuals" had actually agreed to

be the property of others. Wearing various leather outfits to be made up to

resemble pony's they were racing individually or pulling sulkies with riders.

Erin was initially uptight being around individuals with such tastes and

bizarrely attired but Katherine' strong personality put her at ease. The

alcohol helped her relax and she soon found herself enjoying the party like

atmosphere. She felt part of the "in crowd" and she reasoned for Katherine to

reveal this side of herself she must really like her. The only thing

Katherine cautioned her of was, like her, these people took honor very

seriously and any "commitments" would be expected to be honored. The warning

was made in a stern voice that she had only heard Katherine use to emphasis an

important point.

She felt giddy and wagering her shoes seemed innocent enough. Monetary wagers

were frowned upon and being an "innocent" as they were jokingly calling her she

felt it would make her even more accepted. The wagers consisted of service and

possessions. Losing her $70 Evan Picone's bothered her but not as much when

Deborah, Katherine's friend they were sharing a box with, gave them to the

naked woman kneeling next to her. All the tall brunette wore was a collar

around her neck. The leash attached to it had been clipped to Deborah's chair.

She wondered what kind of a woman would allow her to be a "slave" of another,

especially another female. She thought the woman must be a real bimbo to allow

herself to be so humiliated in public. At least she thought the "pony's" had

some coverings. Unfortunately Erin had voiced some of her thoughts on Pet and

the woman kept ginning her dirty looks that had not gone unnoticed. When

Deborah won the first wager and Erin had slipped her shoes off she gave them to

Pet to antagonize Erin. Pet grinned at Erin as she slipped the shoes on her


Erin couldn't believe she had lost the next wager also. That Deborah had let

Pet pick her "pony" upset her to no end. She had lost to a bimbo. She tried

to talk her way out of having to forfeit her dress but a stern look from

Katherine and disapproving looks from the people in the adjoining boxes

reminded her of just how serious they took "honoring commitments. Afraid of

upsetting Katherine, Erin slowly and hesitantly raised her dress up and over

her head slowly revealing her taunt body to the smiles of the others.

She realized too late and standing in only her lingerie that the stakes, her

dress for Deborah's, were too high

and she should have insisted on betting only her bra like she wanted to. Even

Katherine had goaded her into making the wager "worth while".

Erin fumed at the joking comments being made by the others as Pet giggled when

Deborah handed her dress to her and graciously thanked her. She quickly put it

on and had asked Erin how she looked "being clothe". Katherine in the spirit

of humbling Erin introduced her to Maureen "as she didn't look the pet

anymore." "Oh thank you Katherine I must have forgotten my manners introducing

two equals" Deborah mockingly commented to Katherine; then looking Erin over

had to add "well almost equals" It was right after that comment the stewards

came and removed her chair.

Erin knelt humbled and embarrassed she refused to be talked into betting on the

next race. Even the people in the adjoining boxes got into the act. The wager

they were trying to get her to make was just too......too risky. They wanted

her to bet Maureen. Maureen would put the dress up, however Erin would have to

bet her bra. Maureen insisted that was not enough and said if she won she

would get not only the bra but would "give" the lingerie clad attorney her

collar to wear. Erin trying to save what modesty she still had refused to

wager anything. Laughter erupted when the pony she picked came in first. her

humiliation would have been stopped but she didn't believe in her choice and

everyone let her know that and the obvious she would have her dress back.

She caved on the next race. The comments about her in only in her underwear

and being forced to kneel was getting to her. She finished her third long

island ice tea and made her pick, number 4, a long legged brunette. When the

race started it was obvious who everyone wanted to win, pony number 8,

Maureen's pick. The cheering started as soon as the pony's started. It was

the most vocal the club members had been during the races so far. She glanced

at Katherine, even she was cheering against her. They enjoyed watching someone

humiliate themselves especially a new very attractive female.

The race was close, Erin was jumping up and down cheering for all she was

worth. It was for naught. Her pony came in third, Maureen's first. She

slumped against the box rail and hung her head. Her shoulder length red-hair

hiding the tears welling up. Hearing "you have something of mine" snapped her

out of her despair. Maureen was holding her collar and leash in her hand and

smiling broadly ear to ear. "Awww don't be a baby and cry" That comment from

the woman wearing her clothes stiffened her resolve.

She wiped her eyes and quickly unhooked the front snap and removed her black

demi push-up bra and tossed it at Maureen. The oos and ahhs snatched her

resolve and courage. She covered her breasts with her hands and bowed her

head. "Gee I'm surprised you even have to wear a bra with those plums" Maureen

said mocking her actions. Erin was beet red with embarrassment standing in

only panties. She could not believe she had lost and stripped off her clothes

exposing herself to strangers. Worse this tramp was the new owner of her


Maureen's comment was an exaggeration. Erin had very perky breasts that she

was very proud of. Though they were a b-cup on her slim 5 foot 4 inch frame

they looked larger. Maureen could not stop gloating. "There is no way this is

going to fit me" she stood ramrod straight thrusting her full 36C breasts out.

She wanted to exaggerate the difference. Erin watch in silence as she walked

to a garbage can and threw her bra in it. That was one article of clothing she

had no hope of winning back.

Erin was tuned out to the comments being made. She was lost in self pity at

her humiliation. If she had been listening she would have realized several

people were complimenting her on her figure and ability to follow through on

her commitment no matter how humiliating.

Maureen walked back and turned her to face the other spectators. They all

smiled and started clapping as the heavy black leather collar was buckled

around her neck.

The one comment she did hear loud and clear in was " Well this is quite a role

reversal. Look who the silly bimbo is now." It was made by Tonya, an

immaculately dressed black woman she had been introduced to who and had

overheard Erin's comments to Katherine about Maureen.


Erin just stood there covering her breasts with her hands, a collar around her

neck, the leash dangled down to her panties, the last article of clothing she

wore and owned.

Everyone stood to stretch she was no longer the center of attention. Katherine

came over and told her not to be so ashamed. She had a wonderful figure and

should be proud of it. She added that even though Erin was losing her clothes

and some of her dignity she was proud of her following through and even though

she respected her before the respect had increased. Her comments made Erin

feel more comfortable and put her at ease a bit. She felt bold enough to lower

her hands. Katherine was right she should be proud of her body. More than one

person took a longing glance at the pert breasts and small hard nipples.

Katherine excused herself to go talk to others leaving Erin alone.

"Let's go for a walk" Deborah said. She and Maureen moved to exit their box.

Maureen turned and took the leash. "Come along pet you can come to"

"MY NAME IS ERIN I am NOT PET" Erin hated this woman. Who did she think she

was calling her that. Erin followed lead by her leash her hands balled. She

did not yet realize how submissive she looked following two fully clothe woman

being lead by a leash, barefoot and wearing only a pair of panties.

Deborah stopped and talked to several people. She introduced Maureen, several

comments made that they did not recognize her or they were glad they could

finally be introduced. It bothered Erin she was not introduced to anyone and

other than being ogled by men and women was pretty much ignored.

As they made their way to a tent Erin could not help notice the number of women

and men on leashes being lead. her heart started beating faster. She looked

like them.

Deborah entered the tent while Maureen walked her over to 4 other females all

naked with collars. Two had ball gags in their mouth. They looked ridiculous

with a strap running between their eyes giving them a cross eyed look. Erin

was busy looking at the women and did not notice Maureen remove a lock from a

hook and put it on the end of her leash. The caused her to turn.

With an evil grin Maureen said only one word "STAY"

"You bitch unlock me!" Erin was pissed as she pulled the chain. It was going


"Be a good pet and STAY" Maureen was laughing at her as she glared back. She

turned and entered the tent leaving Erin chained with the other.........pets.

The other women just looked at her. Who was she to get to wear panties and

speak....speak so rudely to her owner.

Erin felt so helpless and humbled. People walking by would comment and point

at her and the other .....pets. In her mind she kept fighting the reality. The

reality she was for all outward appearances a pet owned by someone else. She

had no one to blame but herself. She did this to herself. She had to get her

clothes back. Get them back and get even with that bitch Maureen.

She was left outside for what seemed like an eternity but was only half an hour

while clothe people got refreshments in the tent. She was tired of standing

but stood the other.....pets were standing so she did. She felt she blended in

better and did not what to do anything to bring any attention to herself.

Deborah and Maureen came over to her. The bitch, trying to restrain herself

from laughing unlocked her and holding her leash lead her back to the box. Erin

in only panties and barefoot followed.....followed in appearance, obedient and

in silence.

Katherine was seated in the box. "Oh my you should have put some lotion on."

Fair skinned she had gotten sun burned standing locked in the slave line. She

would definitely feel it later.


Erin was determined to win her clothes back, end her humiliation and put

Maureen back in her place. She was disappointed when no one was betting on the

first race after the intermission. She was more eager to bet than realizing

she had little to wager. As eager as she was to win she did not suggest it.

Katherine and Deborah had commented to each other how quiet she had become when

she had lost. Her cockiness had disappeared. Back kneeling Erin had to keep

her back straight and crane her neck to see over the rail and between the

people in the box in front. With her hands folded demurely on her lap she did

not know it but was by accident in the same position every other pet had been

trained to assume.

Erin was watching the race and the next racers intently. That she was left out

of the conversation Katherine, Deborah and Maureen were having and it did not

bother her. She did notice that Maureen was perfectly accepted by the others

even though she had arrived a naked collared pet. She on the other hand was

being more and more ignored and left to herself.

When betting started on the next race she got excited but still did not offer

to wager. She was....hesitant to ...speak. Was it her place to offer? Every

other wager came up in the course of normal conversation and good natured

ribbing. Being ignored should she interrupt?

Deborah turned the conversation to her.

"Maureen don't you think you should give her a chance to get even."

Her...her... I am a her all day long Deborah talked with her using her name,

Erin. Now she was a her and was being talked at not with. Erin had to win her

respect back and if she humiliated the bitch Maureen in the process, well that

was icing on the cake.

Finding some resolve she spoke; "Yeah I'll bet you again that is unless you

are afraid." The others around still paying attention to what was happening in

the box began goading Maureen into accepting the offer to wager. They knew

what ever happened they would enjoy the outcome.

Smiling Maureen said "I have no problem betting you pet. Erin steamed, she

used that that term again. "But you well don't really have much to wager."

It hit Erin. Her panties that was it. If she lost she would

be........completely nude. Nude in front of everyone. She looked at

Katherine. Her friend just smiled and shrugged. It was her choice. She had to

win. She agreed but when Maureen offered only her shoes back she exclaimed it

was not enough. Maureen had to put the dress up. Erin could care less about

shoes at this point.

"My bare feet against your bare pussy seems fair to me. Maureen mocked;

refusing Erin's desire for her to put the dress up. Erin tried her best to

convince Maureen to increase her bet to be the dress to no avail. Maureen just

sat there smug. She had the upper hand and knew it. Seeing the red head

grovel was exciting to her.

Please, they are all I have left. Erin's arguments had turned to begging. You

have to put something of equal value up.

"No, Erin they aren't you have more, much more." The horn sounded they had

missed the race. Erin slumped. She had missed the point that Maureen had used

her name. She had nothing else, only panties then she would be..... she

couldn't even think it anymore.

There were only three races to go.

Barely audible Erin asked Maureen what else could possible she have to bet. She

thought Maureen would have some pity on her. "I have been ...., she hesitated

to say it..... humiliated all afternoon, I have been a good sport and .......

even let you lead me around by the leash." "My leash ...not the leash" Maureen

corrected her. "Your right my leash." Erin glumly conceded it was her collar

and her leash.

"Tell you what I am not yet ready to bet the dress but I will bet MY shoes

against your panties and your collar. If you win I'll give you the shoes and

put the collar back on. If I win I want you to take you panties off and walk

to the trash and throw them in. Then you will walk to the desk and get a ball

gag. Bring it back and ask me to put it on you."

Katherine, Deborah and everyone within ear shot were paying very close


Erin was stunned. If she lost she would not only be naked and collared but

also ...... forced to wear a gag. She would be ..... be just like the others

she stood by the tent with. She knelt dejected and hung her head in her


"Make this wager and I promise to put MY dress up in one of the last two races.

If you win your humiliation will be short lived. Refuse and this is how you

stay till the day is done." Erin shook her head agreeing. There was no way

she could not go to the party after the races in just........... her thoughts

trailed off.

Tears ran down her cheeks, she wiped them away. "Please will you put MY gag on

me. I need to be silenced" She humbled herself. Maureen made a game of it

making her say it over and over till the phrasing and tone was perfect. Perfect

for a humbled beaten female.

The race was not even close. Erin's pony fell on the second turn. Not only

did Maureen's beat her's, she came in first.

"No kneeling stand." Erin cold not stop the tears. She did what Maureen said.

She stood naked. Her neatly trimmed puss available to everyone to see......and

see they did as she removed her panties. Walked over and put them in the

trash. All eyes were on her beaten form. The gag they gave her was the same

as the others she saw. The straps cupped her chin, framed her nose and head

and buckled in back. The ball tasted of rubber. Her mouth was stretched wide

but she took it in. took it in obediently.

Maureen was on top of the world while Erin, beautiful Erin, successful lawyer,

successful business woman full of confidence stood naked, gagged and collared

in front of over 100 people. She whimpered at her degradation. Degradation she

brought on herself.

There was no way Maureen was going to bet on the next to last race. should she

lose the stuck up woman's humiliation would end too quick. It needed to last

as long as possible.

"Shall we wager one more time PET. You know that is what you are Er.... gee I

don't even remember your name. Oh well PET suits you. You know PET, Maureen

kept using that word it was burned into Erin's psyche you are more off a pet

than I was when I arrived. At least I didn't have to wear that ridiculous ball

gag." Erin just hung her head. What could she do.

"This is the deal. I'll change places with you even the gag and you get MY

clothes your clothes back. If you lose and you may though you are due after

losing soooo badly all day you enter the auction."

Katherine started to speak but Deborah put her hand on hers. She understood.

"MMMM" was all Erin could utter

"I am assuming you are asking what auction? Tonight at the party individuals

put themselves up for auction to be bought by others for short periods of time.

The individuals may be put up for auction by others."

Erin looked dejected because she was. How far could this possible go. Being

in a bra and panties in public was so humiliating just a few hours ago and now

she would jump at the chance. Now....... now she was........... becoming a

pet. The thoughts hurt.

"Nothing and no one but yourself will make you wager your place in the auction.

If you don't want to do it that is fine. I'll go home fully dress and you well

you will spend the entire evening completely naked gagged and collared.

Humiliated." Maureen spelled it all out. In her mocking tone.

"After this how much more humiliating can the auction really be." How could

she say that Erin thought. " But think of the upside. Wouldn't you like to see

me in your situation....PET."

That last pet got to her. She shook her head agreement. Maureen wasn't going

to let her off so easy. "If you agree bounce those perky little tiites of

yours." She did. People were laughing. She picked her pony off the program

by pointing with her nipple which Maureen pinched to get hard.

She was jumping up and down it was all she could do to encourage her pick down

the stretch. Her bouncing had more people watching her than the race. She was

making a spectacle of herself. Maureen cheered just as enthusically for her

pick. Losing though didn't mean much to her. She got off being a sub but

seeing this cute stuck-up red head, a career woman, humiliate herself, degrade

herself, wager and lose her clothes, lose her dignity and possibly her freedom.

now that was exciting.

Katherine had some regrets though she enjoyed seeing the straight laced

attorney lose her clothes she thought Maureen was going a bit far. Deborah had

reminded her Erin was an adult free to choose, free to wager what she wanted;

everything she did to humiliate herself she did on her own. Katherine's

biggest regret was not mentioning to Erin just what a short period was. Time

was relative. The minimum amount of time one is auctioned for is 3 months. Oh

well she thought as they walked to the club house for the party; Johnson,

McMicheal and Weber was a good firm and represented her very well. Hopefully

who ever buys her won't be too mean.

Erin could only hang her head in complete defeat. She walked behind the three

happy chatting fully clothe woman.


Three months later Bambi, that was the name she had gotten used to, the name

drilled into her to respond to; responding to the other name only got her

punished, was dropped off at her condo. Well it used to be her condo. Her key

didn't fit the lock. No rent for three months got her evicted. The landlord

had thrown everything she owned in the dumpster. The furniture he sold. With

no communication for three months he assumed and so did the courts she had

skipped town.

The police came and took the upset petite blonde away. They assumed she was

some hooker high on drugs. With her nose, eyebrows and lips pierced and

heavily made up their assumption was reasonable. Dressed in only a white skin

tight crop top and a black lycra very mini skirt that was all she could be. As

they struggled to get her handcuffed and in the car the both the top and skirt

rode up giving her former neighbors good looks at her cunt. That is what it

was now. Women had pussy's, and what she had experienced no real woman would.

No one helped her. No one could possible believe the foul mouth tramp arguing

and fighting with the police was Erin. The resemblance was not there. More

than one remembered Erin did not have a large bust. This whore had at least


She had no identification and out of habit gave her name first as Bambi then

changed it to Erin Brecken to the officer booking her for disorderly conduct,

resisting arrest and for good measure prostitution. The officer had a sense of

humor they dealt with these kind of idiots all the time and put it down as

Bambi Doe.


90 days later Bambi was released from jail. Everyone she called wasn't home or

refused to believe it was her. She went before the judge alone wearing only an

orange jail jumpsuit. The people she shared the booking cell with had taken

her clothes. Then she was forced to do what she now did best, get on her knees

and crawl from female to female and used her tong....lapper.

She was surprised to see a familiar face waiting for her. She had not seen her

since her training and degradation. She would come to watch her be put through

her paces of bondage and gang bangs. She was even there when she was given to

the dogs. She was a familiar face though and she was happy someone was there

for her. She resented this woman but had a hard time remembering why.

Mistress Maureen was no where near as mean as her owner Mistress Tonya.

She got in the car with Maureen and just sat there as the handcuffs were put on

her. What else could she do. That was her life.

The End.

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