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Blair-Inside p2

Post by cocomink » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:27 pm

Inside Part II
by Blair

This story is dedicated to Parker, who has brought me endless pleasure with

her stories no matter how often I read them. I hope she does not mind I added

a part two to one of her stories.

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My heart was pounding as I pulled into the crowded driveway. Tonight was my

first "assignment" for Lovely Ladies Escort Service. Carol didn’t waste

anytime phoning me to remind me of the pictures of me she had taken at Anne’s

party of me and the three guys and set tonight up. No matter what the bitch

did I was determined not to give her any reason to ruin my eight year marriage

to Jim or expose my children to what had happened.

I was taken back when she answered the door. She was the last one I expected

to see. "Well, well, well our whore is here for the night" she greeted me with.

She said it loud enough for everyone in the house to hear.

I froze when I entered the great room. There were five other women all of whom

I knew from Jim’s work. Besides Carol, Anne was also there. One of my best

friends or so I thought. She must have been in on this from the start. Sue,

Jim’s boss, Gayle, who he was always complaining about being cutthroat and

wanting his position. Erin his administrative assistant and Beth his best

friend’s wife.

It was obvious they had been drinking and waiting for me. They all laughed

when I walked into the room turning several shades of red from my

embarrassment. On the coffee table lay the pictures of me having sex at the

party with several different men.

"Well don’t just stand there like an idiot get us refills Carol ordered. I

poured them there drinks all the while fighting back tears as they called me a

whore, slut and stuck up bitch among other derogatory comments.

While I served them their drinks they pinched my behind and put their feet out

to try to trip me. Though I didn’t spill anything on the floor the glasses

spilled all over the tray.

"You clumsy oaf can’t you do anything but suck cock" Sue commented to

everyone’s laughter. "She made a mess of your tray" Gayle added. "Your

right lick it clean whore."

Scared I put the tray up towards my lip to pour the liquid into my mouth. "Not

like" that Sue said as she quickly got up and pulled my hair to keep me from


"Get on the floor like a dog and lap it up." I hesitated looking at her. Erin

got up and took the tray. When it was out of my hands Sue pulled me to my

knees by my hair and then pushed me onto my hands.

"Woof, Woof for us little doggy " Someone commented. Tears welled up in my

eyes as I barked like a dog for their amusement. They found it hilarious as

they laughed at me as Erin set the tray on the floor. A slap to the back of my

head with the command "drink" from Sue caused me to quickly obey. I lowered my

face and began lapping up the spilled alcohol. Thankfully my shoulder length

brunette hair hid my face. I heard a camera go off .several times. I cringed

but kept lapping more pictures more blackmail..

I can’t see her face. That was remedied as my hair was pulled back into a

ponytail. "Much better smile doggy girl". I looked up just when the flash

went off.

Sue pulled my skirt up over my waist exposing my black panties for the camera.

She began spanking me urging me to lap with more enthusiasm She was not holding

anything back as my ass started to burn. "Cut those panties off the whore. I

am surprised she even owns any" Anne commented. My best friend’s comment

caused the tears to roll down my cheeks. "Aww isn’t that sweet she’s

crying for us"

I tried to raise up but Erin put her foot on the back of my neck forcing my

face onto the tray and into what remained of the alcohol. I felt the scissors

cut through my panties. Why stop there someone said "Good idea" Sue cut my

skirt from me. She pulled it free along with my panties. I was naked from the

waist down. "Spread those knees for us whore." My reluctance to quickly

follow instructions caused Sue to begin spanking me again. "Let me have some

fun" Beth said and took her place. "My what a nice shade of red." My behind

was burning and I started to whimper for them to stop. "Shut the bitch up"

someone commented.

Erin Picked up my panties and pulled my head back by the ponytail. Causing me

to open my mouth to scream. I never had the chance as she shoved my balled up

panties into my mouth. "Spit those out and you WILL be sorry she told me.

Throw this in the garbage" she told Anne as she tossed her my skirt.

I was crying steadily as I was puled to my feet my hair. My blouse was ripped

open. When I started to cover my self I was slapped across the face. Sue

pulled my hands back behind me. I started to struggle but two others helped

her with my struggling. I felt steel around my wrists and clicks. I had been

handcuffed. With my hands cuffed Erin cut my blouse off my me along with my

bra. My humiliation caused my nipples to harden which did not go unnoticed by

my tormentors.

I was standing naked inf ront of five women with my panties filling my mouth

and my arms handcuffed behind me crying like a baby as Anne picked up the

camera and took several pictures of me.

Erin took the panties from my mouth. She slapped me several times to get me to

go along as she replaced them with a very thick rubber dildo. I had to open

my mouth as wide as it could go to accommodate it.. she shoved it deep into my

mouth causing me to gag.

Carol walked in front of me and passed out riding crops to everyone then she

faced me. We all feel you have been an arrogant stuck up bitch. We are going

to cure you of that and quickly. You are more suited to being a whore based on

your performance at Anne’s Halloween party. You showed us you love a hard

cock in your holes but a real whore also loves pussy. Do you love pussy whore.

I shook my head no. I never had a thought about making love to another woman.

Wrong answer.

They began hitting me with the riding crops. As I cringed and turned one way

to escape a blow I wound up turning into another. Not part of my body was

spared. My breast where a favorite target as I screamed though all the sound I

made a loud moans due to the dildo filling my mouth. I bit down hard on it as

my naked body was crisscrossed with first red marks and then welts.

After what seemed like an eternity they stopped. Tears dripped off my face

onto my breasts. When I lowered my face I saw my breasts were glowed bright

red. My whole body screamed from my calves to my face which was not spared the


Do you love pussy I was asked again. This time I didn’t hesitate and shook

my head yes. "My even with enthusiasm. She will be even easier to train then

we thought.

Sue brought out a video camera. I was instructed to beg to eat their pussies

with enthusiasm and profess my love for it. If I was not convincing they would

cuff me again and this time not stop hitting me till their arms fell off.

Terrified of the riding crops I begged and pleaded once I was un-cuffed and the

dildo was removed from my aching mouth. I even got down on my knees to make my

begin more realistic which it was.

One by one I crawled and licked their pussies. I degraded myself begging and

then using all the enthusiasm I could muster went at it. Having never eaten

another female’s pussy It took me a long time to bring each of them to orgasm

all the while I was being filmed. The tape would only show me enthusiastically

eating out several women all of whom where nameless as the filming only showed

them from the waist down.

My face was covered with their juices. I ate each of them twice. When I was

on the last one I heard someone say I have wanted to this for a long time. I

felt something hard press against my rectum. I involuntarily tightened my ass.

My hair was yanked back. You better relax it will be easier on you Anne

threatened as she shoved me back into Erin’s pussy. I screamed into her

pussy as Anne who I would see in the Vida had put on a strap on dildo and was

fucking my ass. I screamed till she came which caused me to be slapped

several times by Erin for not paying attention to her.

Anne removed the dildo from her but left it inside my ass. I lay on the ground

crying and begging them to stop.

Sue walked over with the scissors and grabbed my ponytail she pulled my head

back and cut it off.

This is just the beginning you whore. We are going to glue this to a butt plug

for you to wear. All dogs have tails and you are definitely going to become a

dog for us. You can start by making a hair appointment get your hair cut butch

and dyed blonde. Your going to get your nipples pierced. Your clit we are

saving for latter. I kept crying as she gave me my instructions for a new

wardrobe. If you ever are caught wearing a bra or panties or fail to follow

our orders. The pictures and tape will be distributed to everyone imaginable

including your kids teachers at school.

They put a dog collar around my neck with a leash and I was painfully lead to

the front door as the dildo still was up my behind. Have your changeover done

by tomorrow slut. You have a black bachelor party to attend. I was kicked in

the ass out the door as it closed behind me.

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