Blair-Fairs Fair 2

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Blair-Fairs Fair 2

Post by cocomink » Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:25 pm

Fairs Fair Pt. II
by Blair


FAIRS FAIR (part 2)

Beth took her over to the gentleman in the tuxedo as instructed. She stepped

behind Blair and held her hands behind her. Blair closed her eyes. Beth's

touch was so tender she thought. Paul pulled a pair of white leather cuffs

from his pocket. They were kept together by one thick link. Blair resisted

not at all as the cuffs were buckled to her. As Paul leaned in to whisper in

her ear Beth walked away as did he after a few words leaving Blair bound and

alone at the party.

Blair stiffened. What had happened to her? The last thing she remembered was

Paul and Maureen........Oh My God she had been hypnotized. She struggled to

free her hands to no avail and in the process bumped into a woman dressed in an

elegant long black skirt causing her to spill her drink. The woman called her

a stupid bitch and shoved her. Unsteady on the serve heels Blair fell to the

ground. The lycra skirt rode up high exposing her behind. She was lost in her

predicament and did not hear the laughter at her. She struggled to her feet.

But the skirt didn't fall. She stood there looking at people laughing and

point at her exposed pussy and ass. No one was going to help her. Tears

welled up in her eyes. But nobody noticed. Her charms were the interest of

the attention.

A slap on her bare ass caused her to jump. She almost fell. She moved through

the crowd getting pinched and fondled as she went. She looked desperately for

Erin, Maureen, Susan anyone to help her. Her plight was next to impossible. it

was dark and her vision severely limited by the blinders. She tried pushing

the disgusting ball out of her mouth. She wanted to hang her head in shame but

couldn't the collar kept her head up.

She was anything but haughty now.

Erin and Maureen were laughing at the woman in white. "Looks like Blair's

girlfriend is not having fun anymore"

"She must be a really slut to let someone dress her like that"

The screamed in laughter as Mary Poppins poked the woman in white's ass with

her umbrella. Leaving the tip between the woman's cheeks she steered the

exposed woman to the dance floor.

"What an idiot"

They watched as the woman was groped relentlessly by the dancing men and women.

She tried to move away but was just turning into a fresh onslaught of hands.

Her leash was passed around. She followed aimlessly. A pirate got the bright

idea of raising her dress even high. Using his cutlass he moved it to her

waist, then higher to exposed her stomach. Each piece of skin was a new

target for attention. A cheer went up he reached in and pulled the gathered

material above her tits. The woman in white, her tears unseen by the blinders

and silent, though screaming into the gag for help was for all intents and

purposes naked.

Susan and the others watched intently smiling at Blair's total public

humiliation. "I guess it's time" and she motioned. The black leather clad

woman moved to claim her partner. She roughly grabbed Blair's hair and yanking

her head back. She screamed " You fucking whore. I leave you alone and look

what you do." She spun Blair around and grabbed her leash.

"Boy, it looks like she is trouble now" Maureen commented.

She jerked the chain as she walked off the floor. Blair fell face first. She

struggled to her knees. The woman gave her no slack and kept the leash taught.

As she pulled her knees under herself to stand she got kicked on her ass

causing her to sprawl again onto the floor. The woman jerked the chain the

leather collar biting into her slave's neck. Blair, on her knees, crawled

several steps before enough slack was in the chain and she could mange to get

to her feet. She followed still exposed as she was lead down steps to the


Susan walked down to get Erin and Maureen, on the way she bumped into Beth and

told her to go to the basement.

Blair wait for us. Erin said when she say the maid turn the corner. Beth

turned, both Maureen and Erin stopped and gasped. It hit them who the woman in

white being humiliated on the dance floor was.

once in the basement Blair was shoved to the floor. Her leash was quickly

attached to a ring set into the floor. She could not stand and knelt

whimpering and hung her head as much as the collar allowed.

She looked up when she heard people entering. She recognized the two men from

the trial. The four women she knew, two were her friends, Susan who invited

her to the Halloween party and the other, Beth, the bitch that tricked her

somehow into changing costumes. The woman in black she didn't know but soon

heard her referred to as Mistress Deborah.

The older of the two men spoke, he never introduced himself.

"Well, Beth we are sure going to miss your performances. You did what you said

you would and we always honor our commitments." He handed her an envelope.

Inside where the loan papers and agreements which she had signed agreeing as

collateral. "If you ever get bored look us up" chuckling he added "or if you

need another loan." She quickly left the room. She was free.

"She'll be back. Let her get her normal life back then Deborah can talk to her

about the videos.

He next directed his attention to Erin and Maureen.

They were cowering together. Tears were in there eyes as they looked at Blair.

They agreed to get Blair to the party and drink spiked drinks. What had

happened to their friend scared them. They were quickly realizing people were

cruel and ruthless.

"You two also did what you said you would." Handing them a video tape he said

"Your little drug habits and lesbian love will be safe. We trust you will not

cause us any trouble" he said gesturing at Blair. "You would join her if you

did and trust me you don't want that." They both started promising they would

not cause any trouble. They knew the threat was too real. Too scared to leave

without permission they stood and listened.

He walked to Blair. They could tell he was getting angry. "You fucking

bitch." He reached down and pulled hair roughly back. He was looking in her

eyes. "You couldn't drop the case against my brother when Susan told you to.

You want to get publicity. You wanted to send someone important to jail. They

worked their problems out you idiot. Isn't that right." He jerked her around

so she was looking at Susan. Susan had tears in her eyes but was meekly

nodding in agreement.

"You had John sentenced for 6 months you bitch. You are also going to get a

sentence. 6 months. Your ass belongs to us for 6 months. When John gets out

you get out." Smiling he said "except your sentence will end three weeks later

than his and I'll bet he's going to have some interesting plans worked up for

you during that time."

"You wanted publicity well your going to get it. Your going to be a film star

and everything goes and I mean everything. Gang bangs, blacks, bondage,

discipline, training...... lots of training!" that he emphasized. "We even

have some...." he was laughing "four legged friends that want to meet your


He looked at Erin and Maureen. God he would love to see the petite red head

mounted by a Great Dane. "Sure you don't want to join your friend." They were

wide eyed and shaking their heads emphatically no.

"The one thing I guarantee you won't be attorney material when you get out.

Intelligence or personality wise."


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