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our newest game

Post by cocomink » Thu Aug 30, 2018 4:06 pm

Hi Friends of beautifull games,

Our little circle of friends is based on mainly BDSM-games,
We have all kinds of preferences, Dom's (M & F), Subs (m & f),
Few of us are capable to take both roles, whatever they want on any moment.
( What a super-lucky people they are ! )

We have even a Gay-couple, and also 2 Lesbians. No borders for us!

We do play common games together, at good weather (summertime) we go outdoors,
Well known games, like (woman- ) hunting, only once I was hunter, but I prefer to be prey.
To be assigned to serve as "dessert" after good big barbeque,
Thats what i like! Must be well bound ( and naked ) during the barbeque of course,
So my friends have to feed me, thats big fun. Usually must "buy" some piece of food.
- The price is not so difficult to guess: "get some meat to get some meat".

And many more exciting games we have developed.

Most of us are couples, few free men, and few free girls (like myself ).
Maybe "free" is not the perfect word now: During our play, I am usually not exactly "free".

An old game is named "game of the chair" :
Two simple ( kitchen-) chairs, face_to_face, few meters (yards) from each other.
On both chairs sitting a bound girl.
Both girls get a vibrating "egg" inside, and get played with a big one outside.
The competition WAS: Who can get the first orgasm, ( not unlogical ).
Every time I was in this competition I won big.

Now we have a variation - a mean one. I did it two times already.
Before we are put on our chairs, we get vibrating thing inside, ( wire, not battery's )

Because my friends do know about my preference for heavy bondage ( with ropes ),
they did tie_me_up as if I am a wild animal. Ah well, maybe I am, a bit.

Wrists together and to the back of the chair, also thumbs together, upper arms bound,
under arms to the chair, torso tight to the chair, upper_legs bound,
legs from left and right side to under the chair,
foot-soles touching and bound together, and also the big toes together.
What a lot of work, but valuable and exciting.
Two men and one girl working on me, one man and one girl working on my opponent.

I did already demand that we need chairs with a much longer backside, so
our necks and heads can be bound to the rear-site of the chair.

Both vibs on, on same moment, and to make things worse, everybody around are
"helping", making us horny'er as much as possible.
Squeezing nipples, flicking and caressing our clits and more like that.

The "goal" (or "object") this time : Who can delay her orgasm the longest time.
The vib(s), caressings, own bindings, and just before the eyes a girl in same position,
Thats mean, thats horrible, thats a world-war ( against Yourself).

I am well known as very hot, and very easy, and very orgasmic.
So - Not strange that I lost both competitions by lightyears.
?Her reward? - ?My punishment? . . . . Maybe later.



- - - - -
Make Love Not War

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