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Hello to everyone interested!

It was 3 o'clock, Friday afternoon and my heart fluttered with the
anticipation, and I even skipped dinner so that I could start right away.
making sure that everything was all locked up....didn't wan't an
caller to come walking in. I did a slow strip-tease for myself in front of
the mirror, and I carressed my breasts until the nipples stood out. I was
really getting hot and I knew I had better stop this and continue with my
original plan to have a really satisfyingly helpless experience. After
showering and a bit of make-up I slid on a pair of little red silk panties
and that is all. Firstly, I tied my torso. I always use braided 1/4 inch
white rope cut into 25ft. lengths. After folding the rope in half to make
double stranded, I looped it around my waist and pulled it tight. The two
ends then went between my legs and and were drawn over the rope around my
waist and then back to the front though my crotch and tied off. I pulled
gently on the 4 strands and cooed with the pleasure it brought me. The
piece of rope was doubled also and looped over my right shoulder to under
left arm, making it pass below my left breast, the loose ends were then
under my right breast, around my back and up over my left shoulder to
the loop started below and between my breasts. After joining the loops the
ends were pulled down and around the strands at my waist drawing more
against my crotch - the ropes there were now well buried! Mmm! Now I split
the 2 strands
sending one around each side and through the opposite shoulder loop next
my shoulder blades. I then ran the strands straight across and through the
other blade loop. Now by pulling fairly hard on the loose ends, the loops
were drawn together, the ends now ran straight down my back and were
tied to the waist rope. this pulled up on the 4 "pleasure strands" and
walking around the room started the sensuous chaffing.
Sitting on the bed I looped the next cord around my crossed ankles,
so that I could not hop off anywhere) several times and then around my
finishing by cinching the rope between my feet and ankles tying it
Simarlarly, I tied and cinched my legs both above and below the knees. My
heart was by now speeding up as my new idea for self-bondage was going to
work - I was sure of it. Now for the gag! I wanted a nice juicy one so I
picked up the panties that I had been wearing that day and making sure
were inside out folded them into a wad and stuffed them in my mouth
my tongue, I then picked up my red silk scarf and wound it twice around
back of my head so that it was tightly between my teeth and then tied at
back. I tried to taste the panties but they were too dry at present. Now
moment of truth had arrived. Nervously, excitedly, I doubled over the
piece of rope I had prepared and tied the ends together. The plan was
simple. I made the rope just long enough, I thought, to wrap around one
wrist, pass it across my stomach and slip over my other wrist. This should
hold my arms crossed horizontally behind my back. To release myself, I
figured by pulling on my wrists and sucking in my tummy I would be able to
bring my wrists together and slip the loop off one of them. Having made
rope into a big loop, I refolded it so the knot was in the middle, away
the ends, after all I didn't want to be able to untie the knot, if I knew
could untie it, the mood would be weakened. Right? I made a bite in one
and put my right wrist into it. I purred to myself in anticipation and
satisfaction as I was finally beginning to taste my gag. I put my right
in the gap between my back and the vertical rope up to my chest ropes and
pulled the loose rope through as well. I sprawled out on the bed and
over onto my back. I laid the rope across my stomach and made a bite in
other end. It looked shorter than I had planned, so I pushed my right
as far to the left as possible and pulled up the slack. I must have
subconsciously pulled in my tummy at the same time as it now looked long
enough. I hunched up my back a little to get my left arm beneath me along
back. I strained with my fingers to reach the loop but the loop tried to
close. I wiggled a little to get my left arm to reach and managed to get
thumb in the loop as well. After a couple of minutes more, I had it around
hand but not my wrist. Now what? I wondered. Then I noticed the corner of
bedside cabinet, I wriggled over to it, rubbed my rope against it, and
hooray, it slipped the rest of the way over my wristand grabbed hold. I
flopped back on the bed, now perspiring pretty freely. I tested my bonds
gently, still foolishly thinking I could get free at anytime. I writhed
reveled in my bonds trying desperately to pull the crotch ropes tighter
suck the acrid taste from my panty gag. I stopped myself just short of
orgasmic ecstacy several times, but the rest periods got longer each time
I neared that longed for moment, I gazed at myself in the giant mirror and
fantasised that I had been left bound and gagged by burglars (again!). I
wrestled so hard that I lost my balance and fell off the bed with a thud.
Unhurt, I resumed my fantasy struggle, it was then that the first wave
upon me and as I lurched against my bonds, I was devastated by a massive
second wave that caused my body to tremble in spasms. My breathing slowly
returned to normal and my pulse slowed up as I floated back to reality, I
rolled into a position so that I could see the clock and was thrilled to
that it was nearly 7 P.M, I had been bound for around 3 hours. I moved
gingerly now as the same rope that gave me so much pleasure now sorely dug
into my wet pussy. It's time to get loose, I said to myself, but thought
seriously about NEVER taking out the gag. Mmm! I pulled on my wrists, but
hands wouldn't come any closer to each other. I sucked in my tummy but
gained an inch or 2 at the most. I was STUCK! I pulled more violently but
only hurt my wrists. Panic set in. My mind raced through possibilities as
heart pounded to get out of my breast. I struggled over to the closed door
and managed to get to a seated position and looking at my crossed ankles
that I would not be able to get to a standing position. I looked
around the room for something to cut with or something to hook the loop
against and pull the rope off my now aching wrists. Then - ring! ring! -
ring! ring! - ring! ring! I was the phone. I don't know how I kept from
screaming, I had hardly ever been more startled in my life. Then I could
my voice on the answerphone saying nobody was home, and then I heard Dave
saying hi and why am I not at home? Little did he know how at home I
am. If only I could have gotten to the phone I thought, but there was no
chance of that. I thought it best to try to get back on the bed, at least
then I can sit up, with a bit of a struggle and maybe I can loosen the
that way. So off I went again wriggling and thrashing my route back to the
bed and then struggling to my knees and eventually onto the bed flopping
exhausted. Then. Pop! I realised that some of the tension in the ropes had
eased and my wrist felt loose enough to wriggle it free. With great relief
finally managed to loosen my bonds, and massaged my wrists now they were
free. then it was just a matter of releasing the rest of my bound body.
Needless, to say a long hot soak in the bath was absolute luxury.
After all of this.

Make Love Not War

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