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Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:49 am

One of my experiences.

This experience took place many years ago and early in my selfbondage attempts.
I was living with my parents who would never accept or condone bondage in any way
so it was very difficult to find opportunities to exercise my desires.

One weekend I was staying with my parents at their summer cottage.
I decided to go to the local drive-in theatre that night and was going to be alone
so I made plans to indulge myself.

I selected several lengths of chain and an assortment of locks with matching keys
and stored them in my car along with a hacksaw just incase.

My plan was to leave the keys at the house, then go to the show,
and restrain myself so that I have to wait till I got back to the house to be released.

This was the first time I would do this so I tried to plan for every eventuality.
After I left the house I took the keys and put them on a key ring.
I then backed part of the way out of the driveway and positioned the drivers side door
close to the edge of the driveway.

I then opened the door and placed the set of keys on the ground next to the door,
at the same time insuring that I would be able to reach them when I came back.
The reason for positioning the car part way out and to the side
was just incase my parents went out in their car.
I did not want them to run over my keys and damage them.
I also wanted to insure that I could position the car to allow me to reach the keys
if they did not park in their original position.
The hacksaw was just incase someone found or moved the keys while I was away.

I did not dare leave the keys in the house as that would mean entering the house in chains
and I was afraid the noise from the chains may awaken someone or that they may wait up for me.
I considered the possibility of car problems but this could probably be covered by the hacksaw,
besides the car was only a year old and I kept it well maintained.
A car accident was possible, but I accepted that risk.
The theatre was only a few miles away down a straight highway
which was normally deserted at that time of night.
If I left early (bad movie) or after most had left I would have the road almost to myself
and I planned to drive very carefully.

Once at the show I selected an isolated position near the back row,
but not too far back to attract interest from the owner
who might wonder why I parked there and investigate.
After the first movie started and no one had occupied the positions on either side of me
I stripped down to my panties and placed my clothes on the rear seat,
where I would be unable to retrieve them once my restraint was complete.
I locked my ankles together with about a foot of chain between them.

This allowed me to operate the pedals properly with no interference.
I locked a chain on each wrist and then I locked the wrist chains together
so that they passed through the steering wheel.
I left enough slack to allow me to steer properly and reach the keys
once I had retrieved them with my feet.

The bonds made consuming the treats and beverage I had brought with me more interesting
because of my limited mobility.
The risk of being discovered by persons going to and from the refreshment booth
added to the thrill as my bondage prevented me from covering up.

The movies were good and I enjoyed testing my bonds knowing they were simple but inescapable.
As the credits rolled on the last movie I began to think about getting underway.
That's when it happened, the one thing I had overlooked.

This drive-in was typical of most in that era.
It used physical speakers attached to posts in the ground
to deliver the sound to each car.
When I arrived I had selected a spot so that the speaker could be mounted
on the passenger side window as I do not like it right next to my ear.

The speaker was now located inside the passenger side window and I would have to
roll the window down to remove it. This was the problem.
With my hands chained to the steering wheel
I could not reach the handle to roll down the window.
I had a moment of panic and then settled down to consider my options.
I could try to use my feet but I would have to open my door
to get my legs across the center console. I did not think I could manage it, and besides,
the lights from the cars leaving all around me made this impractical.
I tried again to reach the handle but there was no way to reach it.

I could just drive off with the speaker still attached,
but I risked damage to the window as I would have to break the cord
which attached it to the post in the ground.
I knew the owner so I knew that it was his practice to record the licence numbers
of the cars and where they were located so that he could report theft to the police.
This would have to be my last resort.
Most of the cars were gone by this time and I saw the owner come out of the projection booth
and start to walk up and down the rows collecting the garbage which had been left behind.
I reasoned my only hope was to use the hacksaw which I had packed for emergencies.
I reached for it and tried to cut the chain between my wrists.
Trying to cut chain with a hacksaw when you have nothing to support
or hold the chain and when it keeps moving because it is attached to the wrist
which is trying to hold the saw was very difficult.
I was getting more and more panicked.

Time was running out because the owner was getting closer. Then fate struck another blow.
The hacksaw blade broke. Now the slim hope of getting the job done in time faded
as I held the blade in my hand and realized that this was not going to work
without a lot more time than I had.

The credits were finished and all but one or two cars had left by now.
As the owner cleaned up the row in front of me he shone his light at me
obviously wondering why I had not left.
I started the car in preparation to flee
but then breathed a sigh of relief as he returned to his cleanup rather than investigate.

I knew I was running out of time and driving away appeared to be the only option left.
I just couldn't do it because I could never explain why without telling the truth.
If I had done it by accident then why did I keep the speaker and not simply
leave it behind for him to reconnect.

Suddenly I had an idea, which, if I had thought of it before,
would have saved me a whole lot of anxiety.
I grabbed the hacksaw and was able to use the frame to extend my reach
and operate the handle to roll down the window then push the speaker out. I was saved.
The rest of my plans worked properly and I arrived home without incident.
I did have trouble getting to sleep that night while I thought of the "what ifs".

I did this again several more times with the variation that
I did not chain my hands through the steering wheel.

Everything usually went according to plan until one night when the Police got involved,
but that's another story.

- - - -
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