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Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:47 am

My self bondage experience

Lett me tell you about one of my favorite experiences.

My apartment building has alot of single level apartments,
my apartment is on the end, on the outside edge.
There's a road that goes by, and runs to the end of the apartments.
I can walk out and onto the road or into the woods without anyone seeing, if I'm careful.

So alot of the time, I like to do some bondage and go out and walk around.
Sometimes, I tie my hands, somtimes I use handcuffs.
one night last summer, I dressed up a little, like I was going out to a bar,
high heels, thigh high black stockings, black lycra mini, and red cropped t-shirt
that goes down to about my bellybutton.
Of course, no bra or panties for these kinds of things.

So I tied my hands behind me, using the usual stuff.
I keep a agood supply of cotton drapery cord around.
I've found that if i tie them parallel (both wrists facing the same way),
then across (each wrist facing a different direction),
all you have to do is get either one a little tight and you can't get loose.
Then, I flip the ends over so that I can cinch between my wrists,
and when I pull the knot tight, it goes between my wrists.
No way to get loose without a knife because the knots are completely unreachable!!

So this night last summer, I did that...
put a big thick athletic sock in my mouth before I started,
and taped over my lips with clear tape.
I went outside, shut the door behind me, and took my usual walk.
I go about three quarters of a mile back into the woods,
and this night I sat down on a bank and looked around a while.

As I started to walk back, I saw headlights coming down the road.. I mean
Nobody comes down this road at night!
And when I saw them, I was in the most open part of the road!

So I thought, like, ohmygod, I've got to get back into the woods!
I started running towards the woods across the field, and like you'd know,
I was not going very fast with those heels on in a field,
and about halfway across I tripped and fell..

The landing hurt, I went down facefirst in the huge mudpuddle
and landed flat on my chest.

It hurt my boobs so bad, cause like my whole body weight just smashed down on them.
I knew I'd never get to the woods, my boobs hurt, and I was panting through my nose.
I'd put plenty of tape on my face, the gag was staying right there.
So I laid as still as I could, and hoped that whoever was driving by wouldn't see me.

Well, it worked - they drove on by, and I wiggled back on my feet.
That damn miniskirt went right up over my ass as soon as I started spreading my legs
to get on my feet, and the way lycra is - it rolled up, and it was up in the front,too.
I'm like trying to pull it back down, with my hands behind my back,
and I could barely cover my ass with it... the front wouldn't even cover my crotch LOL.

So by this time, I'm sorta panicking, and I start running back down the road in
these 4 inch heels, and my boobs are bouncing around like they're gonna knock me out,
and my top is riding up so the bottom of my boobs are showing,
and I start panting again cause I can't breath through my mouth.
I'm down to mostly a walk and I'm almost where I can turn back up to my apartment,
Then the car that went in, coming up behind me again!
I was closer to the woods, so I turned in there, but I turned my ankle and fell down again!
At least I didn't fall as hard then.

I wiggled behind a tree and held still. This time, the car stopped at the edge of the road!
It stayed there for a minute or two, and left (I guess they saw something moving off the road). I got up, and my skirt was completely rolled up to my waist!
I tried to pull it down from the back, but it was rolled up so much in front,
that I couldn't even pull enough down in back to cover my ass,
and in the front it was just rolled up in a knot.
It wouldn't even come down below my waistline, so I was pretty much exposed in front.
My top had already rode up, and when I rolled around to get up, it rolled up some too,
as soon as it got up over my boobs, it slid up to where it was just covering the tops of them.
Of course, I couldn't reach it at all.

If that wasn't enough, there was a couple two apartments down that came out to
sit on their patio!! I waited awhile, and decided that I just HAD to get back
into the safety of my apartment. the only way to do that was to walk around
the building, and come in from the front. So I went around, went runnign down
the sidewalk (praying that no one would come out or look - I had to be a sight,
with my top up over my boobs, they were just bouncing around like crazy!!

Well, I did manage to get around the corner of the building and let myself in.
As soon as I got inside, I just collapsed on the floor and caught my breath!!

The tape had started to gap between my nose and mouth, so I could catch some breath
that way too.
When I got rested a little,
I got up and backed up to the dresser to use my knife to cut myself loose.
When I did, I saw myself in the mirror.. what a sight!! I was muddy from head to toe...
my hair was tangled in knots from my shoulders to my elbows.
My top was clear up over my boobs,
and my skirt was basically wrapped around my waist like a knotted rope!

I just literally creamed myself.
I laid down on the floor, squeezed my legs together, and came 2 or 3 times!
I've came before without touching myself, but
that was the only time I had multiple orgasms without any stimulation!!!

After that I cut myself loose
(thankfully, the cotton drapery cord is really easy to cut),
and just laid on the floor for about an hour.....

That's the best bondage experience I've ever had....

- - - -
Make Love Not War

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