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story-SLFB Tammi

Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:46 am

Tammi's bondage

Tammi looked in the mirror and smiled back at herself.
She like what she saw - the result of some simple self bondage.
She still had the same outfit on that she had worn to the bar early in the evening,
and her waist length light brown hair still had just the right amount of curl in it.
The thin, tight red knit sweater was perfectly fit to maximize the curve of her 40DD bust,
which would normally hang very low, but was stunning in the demi-bra she had chosen.

It supported under her large natural bustline, leaving the fronts of her breasts exposed,
and the excitement of the evening made her nipples very visible.

She'd always been proud of her legs, and the black spandex miniskirt, thigh high stockings,
and red 4-inch spike heels were perfect window dressing.
She hadn't worn any panties, and it took alot of concentration
earlier in the evening at the bar to keep from completely exposing herself.

Ah, yes... she'd had a wonderful time at the retro bar she'd visited that evening.
At 5'10", she'd gotten the attention of nearly everyone in the place when she walked in,
except for the bouncer and bartender. They'd seen her act before, been taken in by it,
and they knew it was just another repeat performance.
It was 9 o'clock, and only a scattering of people were there yet,
but she immediately saw the table she wanted to focus her attention on.

Three guys and two girls - the guys were preppy,
the girls obviously with them for a free evening of food and drinks.
The one girl seemed somewhat familiar at first glace, and was
looking at her in an obviously hostile manner.
She had the look of someone who was trying to capture the attention of the guys,
and didn't like the attention Tammi got.
Only five feet tall, Tammi guessed, with fairly good looks and dark brown curly hair,
but with breasts the size of small apples, Tammi knew she wouldn't be much competition.

So she walked right over to the table, said hi, and asked if she could sit down.
The men smiled, the women scowled, and she made herself at home.

Tammi stayed about an hour, zeroing in on the guy who seemed to be the
object of the small girl's attention, and after the first half hour managed to
get a dance from him.

She could feel his rock-hard erection as they slow danced, and had
little trouble getting him to sit at another table with her.
She stroked his crotch under the table, told him that she was turned on by him,
had him ready to go in no time. Then, it was time to visit the ladies room,
and after that she disappeared out the door.

She laughed at the memory, as she prepared her self-bondage in her apartment.
That poor dick, he was all hot and bothered, and there was no way
he was going to get any from the girl he abandoned after Tammi came in.
A cockteaser? Damn right, and the best there was, she thought.

Now to the task at hand. A five foot long piece of cotton drapery cord,
a roll of duct tape, and a thick cotton athletic sock was all she needed for tonight,
even though she had a drawer full of bondage and sex toys.
Oh, and the sharp paring knife - must have a method of release!

First, she packed the sock in her mouth, and put several pieces of duct tape over her face.
By the time she was finished, her entire lower face was covered with tape,
completely sealing her mouth shut, forcing her to breath through her nose.
Then, she nimbly worked the cord around her wrists behind her back,
her hands facing opposite directions.
Pulling it tight, she twisted her hands down so that they were facing the same way
and wrapped another couple of loops around her wrists.
When she pulled the knots tight on that, she was fairly well bound,
although she might be able to pick at the knots and get loose.

So with the remaining cord, she flipped the ends between her wrists,
grabbed the ends, pulled the cinch loop as tight as she could,
and knotted it three times.
The knots were pulled down between her wrists, totally unreachable, and with
the thin cotton cord, she would have had a hard time getting the knots loose anyway.

It felt so good! Her hands were held tightly together, her mouth sealed shut
so that all she could do was grunt through her nose.

Now, it was time for a walk outside!
She backed up to the door, twisting the knob, looking for anyone outside,
and closing the door behind her.
She supposed there was some risk in not locking it,
but there might be more if she tried to carry a key with her.

She walked to the small dirt road that ran next to the apartments,
and was quickly out of sight.
It was a warm spring evening, and she felt her heart pounding from excitement
as she walked deep into the woods.
She turned and started back after while... this was her favorite part!
She was now 15 minutes away from the safety of her apartment and her knife,
fifteen minutes in which she was bound and gagged,
with absolutely no way to get loose!
It was an uneventful walk back.

She made one stop, to sit on a bank and catch her breath,
and made a mental note not to wear these damn heels out here anymore.
Her feet hurt, and it was really hard to walk on this dirt road in the dark.
She did make it make to her apartment, backed up to the doorknob, and let herself in.

As usual, she was totally wet between her legs, and couldn't wait to cut the bonds loose
and go to vibrator heaven :)
But where was the knife?? She had left it right on the floor, and it wasn't there!!!
In a moment of panic, she dashed to the kitchen, her breast bouncing wildly in the sweater.

It's not here either, Tammi thought...
and that was when she heard someone step out of the bedroom.

"Looking for this?" a female voice said. Tammi felt like she was going to faint...
the short, dark haired girl from the bar was standing in the hallway holding the knife!

Tammi's mind raced as she saw the girl in the hallway. How did she get here?
She was sure no one followed her home. And why was she holding the knife that way?
Surely she wasn't so psycho as to kill her over a little bar-room flirting.

The girl quickly walked to her and grabbed her hair with her free hand.
She pulled Tammi to the living room and ordered her onto the floor,
pushing her onto her stomach.

Tammi's ankles were wrapped with the same thin cotton cord that her hands were bound with,
and the smaller girl pulled the ropes as tight as she could before knotting them.
Tammi felt her inspecting her wrists, and heard her say "wow"...

The dark haired girl got up, and put the knife on a kitchen counter.
Tammi rolled over on her back, and looked at her.
She seemed to be an unlikely intruder, barely 5 feet tall, with dark brown curly hair
falling over her shoulders.
She wore jeans and a tight t-shirt, showing that she had a slim curvy figure..
nice enough if you didn't mind her smallish breasts.
Tammi wished she hadn't just laid there and let this little cunt tie her feet,
since she looked too tiny to overpower anyone... even someone whose hands were tied.

"Hi there, remember me, Tammi?" How did this girl know her name?
"You look confused. Let me remind you. I'm Susan, your neighbor from 4 apartments down."

Ohmigawd, Tammi knew now. She had seen her around the complex,
only her hair was straight before, and sometimes in a ponytail.
Tammi had gone jogging once when she saw Susan walking with her boyfriend.
"oh, you remember now, huh? I thought so."

Susan knelt down and grabbed Tammi's hair, snapping her head back.
"That little trick you pulled at the bar tonight was the last straw!
Just who in the fuck do you think you are??"
She slapped Tammi hard, although much of the blow absorbed by the duct tape covering her face. "I've seen you out walking here before - the first time,
I almost called the police cause I thought you were in trouble.
Then I began to understand that you were doing this to yourself somehow...
I saw you letting yourself back in your apartment. So tonight,
I just thought I'd give you a little taste of how this can turn out,
you slutty perverted bitch!"

Susan reached for another piece of rope,
and Tammi knew that she had to stop her somehow. As Tammi tried to kick her,
Susan sat on her legs, holding them down while she tied the end to Tammi's feet.
Tammi knew what would come next,
and trashed wildly when Susan tried to pull her feet up towards her wrists.

The two wrestled on the floor for a minute as the smaller girl tried to hogtie her.
Tammi had to weigh nearly 50 pounds more than Susan, but got winded
and had to stop stuggling soon, breathing hard through her nose.
Susan pulled Tammi's ankles up to her wrists and made several loops around them both,
then sat on top of Tammi's ankles to get the rope cinched tight.

Susan was a bit tired from the struggle too, and paused to watch Tammi.
Her back was arched, and her feet nearly touched her hands.
Susan recalled the days when her ex-husband used to tie her like that,
and remembered a few more tricks, adding her rage towards her asshole ex
to the revengeful feelings she held for Tammi.

She got another piece of rope, and tied it around her elbows.
God, this bitch wasn't very limber, thought Susan.

Her ex used to tie her elbows so tight that they touched,
and Tammi's wouldn't come close to that.
She had a great idea then, got another piece of rope, tied it between Tammi's elbows,
looped the other end around Tammi's neck twice, and tied it.
The rope tightened between her elbows, and it couldn't slip down now.
Plus, she smiled, that rope around her neck would put a little more fear in her.

And it did. As Tammi laid on the floor of her own apartment, gasping for breath,
her back arched painfully in the wrong direction,
she wondered how far this crazy girl would go.
The elbow ropes hurt, but the rope around her neck scared her... bad.
Then Susan just left, without saying a word!
Oh God, Tammi thought, this is how it's going to end.

I can't even move.. no one will hear me... please don't leave me like this.

Susan smiled as she closed the door to Tammi's apartment.
That bitch must be really sorry for what she did now, she thought.
But at the same time, she felt a little sorry for her.
When Susan's ex did stuff like that to her, it was like being in hell itself,
so she couldn't just leave her like that. But then she had a great idea -
something that would continue to humiliate her long after the ropes were off.

She got her videocam from her apartment, and hurried back to Tammi's.
When she opened the door, Tammi was just like she had left her (no surprise).
Her hands were turning a little purple, but Susan figured she could take a little more.
Her ex had tied her like that for nearly an hour, and no permanant damage was done.

Tammi heard the door open, and looked at her captor.
Please let me loose, she thought, please!

But Susan merely circled her, taping from all angles.
"Look up here... let's see your face".. Tammi turned her head,
the ropes rubbing her neck, not wanting to.

Susan kicked the side of Tammi's head, and screamed "I said look at me!!"
Tammi did as she was told, tears beginning to stream from her eyes.

Susan look through the viewfinder, think she could pull some great still shots from this,
and post them on the internet! Tammi looked really hot
- her mini skirt was mostly up over her ass by now -
and Susan thought that it was time for her to have some fun with this.
She put the camera down.... hmmm,
how could she get her into the right position? She knew....

She grabbed the rope running from Tammi's elbows to her neck, and said,
"okay, we're going to get you up on your knees now".
She grabbed Tammi's hair with the other hand, and pulled on both as hard as she could,
to lift the poor bitch up on her knees.

The rope went tight around Tammi's neck, and she felt herself being rocked on her side
and up on her knees, in a kneeling hogtie position.

Her wind was completely cut off, and she felt her eyes bulge....
almost into a panic now, choking to death.

Susan knew what was happening, and immediately reached around the front of
Tammi's neck to pull some slack out. As Tammi breathed easier, Susan slapped
her again.. hard, three times.
Then punched her in the stomach and hard as she could for a 100 pound girl.
Tammi reeled, almost fell, but stayed on her knees.
Susan got the knife and cut the middle of Tammi's sweater open,
ripping it to expose her breast.
She slapped them, then grabbed a nipple and squeezed it as hard as she could.
Tammi shrieked in pain, her cries almost completely muffled through the gag.

Susan said, "I'm going to take your gag off now.
If you make the slightest sound, I will choke you" Do you understand me?"
She picked up the knife again.
"I will use that rope around your neck, and I will choke you to death...
do you understand me, you cunt?" Tammi nodded.
She had no fight in her anymore - her hands were numb, her body ached.
Susan peeled off the tape, and pulled the wet sock from Tammi's mouth.

""I''m sorry, I'm so sorry" Tammi sobbed. "Please don't hurt me anymore!"
Susan immediately backhanded her on the side of the cheek, harder than ever.
Tammi yelped, holding in the scream that was deep inside her.
She knew she couldn't risk pissing Susan off any more.
Susan pulled off her sandals, and stripped her jeans off.
Tammi knew what was expected of her next, with a naked wet pussy in front of her
as she struggled to keep from falling out of her kneeling hogtie.

Susan grabbed her hair, and pulled Tammi's face into her crotch.
"Do me, Tammi" she said softly. "you owe me for tonight..."
Tammi obeyed. This wasn't new for her, she was definately bi,
but as her face strained to reach, the putrid smell of Susan's cunt was overwhelming!

She involuntarily pulled back, but was pulled back. She knew the smell...
it was the smell of a man's come, mixed with Susan's own juices... god, how gross.

Susan was unsatisfied. The standing position wasn't going to work.
She might as well figure on going home and doing this herself.
She roughly pulled Tammi away, picked up the sock from the floor,
and stuffed it back in Tammi's mouth.

Hmm, her face was all wet from the tears and sweat.... She knew!!
She took the roll of duct tape and wrapped it all the way around Tammi's head,
over and over, wrapping it around her eyes too, taking ten turns around her face.

She stood back and looked at her handiwork.
Tammi's head was wrapped in the silver tape, the only part exposed was her nose,
her long hair taped up around her head.

"I don't think you'll be getting out of that anytime soon, bitch"
she said, and pushed Tammi hard from the rear.
Tammi helplessly crashed forward on the floor, shrieking in pain
as her body weight landed on her breasts.

Susan dressed, and cut the ropes around Tammi's neck, and elbows.
She gathered up her things, got her camcorder ready to go, and knelt over her.

"I'm calling help for you. You had better come up with a good story for them.
They'll never believe that a little girl like me could do something like this.

And I'll kill you, you cunt. So help me, I'll kill you!"

She laid the phone on the floor beside Tammi, and pressed 9-1-1, then left.
She knew that even if Tammi couldn't talk,
they'd send someone to find out what was wrong.

And she was right, seeing the police and EMS there soon.
And in the paper the next day,
there was a story about a woman being brutally assaulted by two men.

She guessed she had made her point.

- - - -
Make Love Not War

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