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story-SLFB outdoors

Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:41 am

outside self bondage

I am a young woman that has some older friends that are into BD SM activities and have told me about their experiences.
The experiences of being forced to walk outside nude
and handcuffed were very exciting to me.

I found a way to have this outside bondage experience alone. I call it fetch.
I have several places that vary in the amount of risk of getting caught
from extremely safe to having some risk.

First I drive to a place where I leave some clothing hidden with a spare set of car keys
and a handcuff key hanging hidden but where I can reach it easily.
Next I drive to a place where I can safely park my car and leave it for a long time.

The distance to the key and my clothing is often about a mile plus or minus.
The car has to take a different route because my routes are mostly through the woods.
Next I get out of my car and strip totally naked,leaving my clothing in the car
(or I will strip and hide my clothin ).
Locking the car with the keys in it is a point of no return
but when I fasten my hands behind me with my handcuffs I have no choice
but to walk totally naked and handcuffed to get the key and then my other clothes
and get dressed.

It is a very scary but extremely exciting walk.

The woods where I walk are sometimes used by dirt bikes so rarely is there a hiker.
Dirt bikes I can hear miles away and hide until they go by.
Hikers are a risk because I might not hear them until it is to late.

I pick warm cloudy days with a risk of rain and in the morning
when most people and school kids will not be there.

When I am in a very wild mood I have one place where I must run across an open sandy
area of about 50 yards where because of hills and open areas to the sides
I could be seen from far away.

Most of the time it is very safe in the deep woods.
I have hidden behind bushes and trees and peeked at the rare man on a motocycle fly by.
Sometimes I wish I would be caught like this by a nice dominant male.

In talking to some people on the net, if I told most men I had been robbed and stripped
when caught they would help me get covered and cut the handcuffs off me.
I realize there is a serious risk if I am caught
but I live in a very rural area with few people and know the area well.

I wonder what would happen if a man that understands about bondage caught me would do.
I have fantasies about that.
Make Love Not War

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