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story-SLFB Maria at home

Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:36 am

Selfbond MARIA

by Leviticus

My girlfriend, Maria, has become very adventurous lately and often comes
up with interesting ideas on bondage.
Especially self bondage.
Here is one session I helped put together by making a few
of the special devices she needed.
I am pretty good with my hands, and am always willing to
build whatever she wants to enhance our hobby.

The session is already in progress, and she has no idea I
am doing this. I had to write it down since this session was to be
something more than the usual "tie herself up and struggle for a while"
type that she was accustomed to doing. This time she told me she wanted
to test herself at her own hands.

First let me describe her position.
She is standing, naked, legs spread about three feet apart.
Her ankles are tied with rope to a spreader bar,
which is also anchored to the floor in two spots with cable ties
running through two rings in the floor.
The clipper to cut the ties sits on a table in front of her.

Around her waist is a chain, with a set of cuffs
locked to the small of her back,
trapping her wrists behind her.
Her mouth is gagged with a bright yellow ball gag
that I am sure will make her jaw ache by the time it comes out.
The key to the lock holding it in is in my possession,
and I have promised not to interfere with her unless
she gets into trouble.
I am to wait until she comes to me to be ungagged.
Oh yes, and she's also blindfolded.

The keys to the cuffs are attached to a cord held away from her hands by
a single piece of string embedded in ice,
one end of which is threaded through an eyelet screwed into the ceiling
and tied to the key ring.

Once the ice melts, the keys swing down, and she can undo her hands and
release the rest of the bondage.
Simple huh? What's the big deal? you ask.

Well, I will admit that a while back,
something like this was all we both needed to get really hot,
but this time she went quite a bit further than that.

Lets start with the table in front of her.
She's attached to it.
A piece of 2 x 4 comes up at an angle from it to just below her breasts.
A screw eye is attached, and her breasts are bound
tightly to the screw eye with rope.
This has made her breasts bulge out and become very sensitive.

They've turned a cherry red, but aren't in any danger of total blood loss.
I never like her to tie them too tight.
Attached to another 2 x 4 sticking straight up from the table,
is a small electric motor, the hub of which is level with her breasts.
A small disc has been attached to it,
and attached to the disc are two thin leather straps.
With the motor running, the straps fly around and whip her breasts,
lightly, but continuously.
Her breast bondage makes sure that she will not be able to pull away.
I shudder to think what the cumulative effect will be.
I bet she does too.

Up by the keys, is mounted an electromagnet.
If this were to turn on, it would easily hold the keys in place
until shut off.
Taped tightly to her, right above her pussy,
is one of my first attempts at device building.

To this I give credit to the wonderful story "Hired Help".
In this story was a device designed to keep the girl in the story
continuously ready for sex, without letting her cum herself.

It consisted of a probe tucked in her pussy
which monitored how wet she was,
and gave her a dose of a vibrator
whenever it felt she wasn't ready enough.
The probe had the added function of not being
needed to be removed before she had sex.

I figured I could make something similar, and boy did I succeed. It
doesn't have the probe or the intelligence to turn on and off by itself,
but it does the job it was designed for. Basically, I took a small
vibrator, and glued to it a thin plastic hook. The hook is inserted into
her pussy and the end is placed deep enough to rest against her G-spot,
the curve of the hook curls out of her and presses against her clitoris.
The other end of the hook becomes a part of the vibrator that is taped in
place. With the vibrator turned on to its lowest power, she can feel the
vibrations directly on her clit and feel her G-spot being stimulated.

It's an incredibly erotic feeling, she tells me, and I usually have to
bind her hands in some way to stop her putting her hands down there to
help her cum.
I like it because I can use her without taking it out,
as many times as I like,
knowing full well that she will be wet and very horny for me.
Whenever I dig it out, she knows that for the rest of the day
she's not going to get any peace.

She's wearing it now, except that this time it isn't on.
The batteries are out, and in their place is
an adapter I built allowing it to be plugged into a transformer.

Between her feet sits what looks like a plate on a box.
In fact, this plate is a switch,
and on this the entire special aspect of her session relies.

The switch is connected to a power strip into which the magnet,
motor and vibrator are plugged in.
Once the switch is tripped, the magnet keeps the keys from falling,
the motor starts to whip her breasts, and the vibrator powers up at full strength.

The switch itself is plugged into one of those electronic timers
that is used to turn lamps on and off.
The timer is set to cut the power to the switch
two hours after she started the session.

Now, how will the switch be turned on if she is too tied up to reach it?
This is the part where she is testing herself.

Pushed into her pussy is a smooth sided vibrator,
a little larger than the one attached to the plastic hook.
The hook doesn't block the entry of the vibrator at all.
All that holds the vibrator in is her grip, so to speak.

The vibrator set on low, but since it is pressed against the plastic hook,
I know the vibrations will make their way to her clitoris anyway.

All she needs to do, is hold the vibrator in her until the ice melts
and the keys are released.
I figure that will take about an hour with the amount of ice
she has attached to the string.
If she fails to hold it, it falls on the switch,
starting up all the devices she has set up.
She will then have to endure them until the timer shuts them all down,
releasing the keys.

Before I watched her reach down, and turn on the vibrator.
I could see she felt it immediately for I could plainly
see her groin muscles contract, one of the pleasures
of seeing her with her legs spread so wide.
She quickly put her hands behind her and locked the cuffs.
Now she was stuck.

She must try not to get so wet that the vibrator can fall out,
so I know she will be trying to think non-sexual thoughts,
but this has to be hard for I am sure her clit is being assaulted.

I can hear her moan behind her gag, letting out a line of
drool that drops to her breast, I wonder how that feels with her skin so
very sensitive due the ropes that constrict it. She shuddered a little as
it rolled down her breast past the nipple, and I begin to wonder that if
a simple drop of fluid can be felt that keenly, then what would the
leather straps feel like if she let go of the vibrator.

As the feelings build in her she begins to pull at her bonds,
something she does quite unconsciously every time she is bound
and sexually stimulated.
I love to watch her squirm in ropes and chains,
she is so very beautiful that way.
She tries to pull back from the table,
but the ropes around her breasts are tight,
and don't allow any movement like that.

The muscles of her legs should be beginning to feel the strain
of being held so wide open by now,
they stand out well defined, and I admire their shape,
built up through countless hours on her treadmill.

Opps! The vibrator slipped a little,
I can see it poking out a bit more.
She's clenching, working those vaginal muscles for all they're worth.
When she told me about this idea,
I told her she had a good chance of doing it,
since I had first hand knowledge of how much grip she had!
I almost got slapped, but now I bet she hopes that I am right.

She is really working those muscles, determined not to loose grip.
She had better pace herself, those ice cubes have a way to go yet.

The vibrator slipped a little more, and I can see her shaking,
and I can tell from her breathing that she is cumming.
It wasn't a big one, but I know that will come.
God, she looks beautiful. Sweat is building up on her skin, making it shine.

I love to see her sweat. Call it my kink.
She will sometimes oblige me by walking her treadmill naked,
just so I can watch the sweat roll down her body.
Sometimes, when we play our bondage games,
I will put her on the treadmill naked and bound,
tie her nipples to the cross bar and make her walk for miles.

I couldn't NOT interfere with her session.
I just went and got a space heater from out of the garage
and set it up just behind her.
The increased heat should make her sweat more and make it more interesting.
The vibrator had slipped again while I was gone,
it's almost halfway out. She must have cum again.
She's trying desperately to remain still, but her entire body is quivering.
Her hands are clenched tightly, and her toes are curled.

The ice is almost melted, she might do it.

I just cheated again.
She looks so wonderful I hated to have it end so soon.
I took a set of vise grips and clamped them
onto the string holding back the keys.
Now when the ice melts the keys still wont fall.
Once she drops the vibrator, which I know she will soon,
I'll take the vise grip off and let the magnet do it's job.

She came again. I thought she would drop it for sure!
I don't know how she is hanging on.
I can see her inner thighs glistening with her juices,
mixing in with her sweat. The entire room smells of her.

The ice is gone, I knew I did the right thing.
She just dropped the vibrator while having another mini orgasm,
and everything has started up. It's an amazing sight to see.
We had powered it all up before she got into position,
to make sure it all worked, but now that she is in it. Wow!

The session is over, Maria's asleep in bed.
I have to say she looked great!
Her hips were bucking back and forth as the vibrator kept setting her off.
Her breasts were starting to show thin angry red lines
where the leather straps kept striking her.

On one breast the straps were able to swipe a nipple,
making it pop out farther than I have ever seen it.
I figure the straps were hitting her at a rate of about two per second.
That figured out at over seven thousand strikes
by the time her hour was up. She wasn't being hit hard, but it all added up.

From her head to her toes, she was a quivering mass of muscle,
and I could have watched her for hours.
I could see though, that she was quickly getting tired.
The ropes that bound her breasts seemed to be digging deeper into her
as herlegs got weaker and weaker.

I turned the vibrator down to a minimum
for the last half hour she spent there, and watched as she
endured the breast whipping, moaning and crying.

I listened carefully for signs that she might want it to stop.
Our safe word for when she is gagged is for her to hum a tune.
It doesn't matter what the song is, it just has to be hummed out loud.
I never get farther from her than I can hear her,
depending on the gag and the situation.
The ball gag she wore this time only made talking impossible,
but didn't cut her volume much. She made a lot of noise,
but none of it was the humming I knew she could do.

When the timer shut everything off, she almost slumped down,
only to jerk herself erect to take the strain off her breasts.
She stood for a moment before reaching for the keys,
probably because she knew she would have to pull hard on her breasts
in order to lean back far enough to reach them.

This was also a part of her plan. I could hear her sob a little as she
leaned back, her breasts looking very painful. As soon as she got one
hand free the first thing she did was take off her blindfold.

Her eyes were red, and very wet, but she smiled at me behind her gag,
and I knew that she was okay.
Without a word I went back to my chair and
watched her undo the rest of her bonds.

It took her a little while to unwrap the rope from her breasts.
She took her time, wincing as the rope came off.
I was glad to see that her breasts began to return to their
normal color, although this brought out the ugly red of her whip marks.

Once her breasts were released, she rubbed them for a moment, and then
cut the plastic ties that held her spreader bar to the floor.
Then she pulled the adapter out of the vibrator
and put in a couple of batteries that I had laid on the table,
starting it up again at it's lowest power.

She undid the ropes that bound her legs to the spreader bar,
and came over to me to have her gag removed and the two of us spent another hour
with her always on the brink of another orgasm.
Right now she's in bed, still naked, her hands once more locked behind her back
as she enjoys sleeping like that, but without the gag and vibrator.

She was pretty wasted by the time she went to sleep,
this afternoon has taken a lot out of her.
She told me that she was glad I interrupted and turned down the vibrator,
she had been about to safe word,
and the reduction helped her pull herself together.
Her breasts are very sore though,
not so much from the whipping which only stung a little,
but more from the tight breast bondage.
she told me that next time she would have to find a way
of keeping her in position that didn't involve binding her breasts.

It was the only bad part of the entire affair.
She didn't ask about the space heater, she knows my kinks.
She doesn't know that I prevented the ice from falling.
I'll make it up to her next time, for she wants to do it again.

Make Love Not War

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