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story-SLFB-a long days night

Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:30 am

Long Day's Night By Ali

Lee has ordered me to write this down since it is part of my punishment.

I have had fantasies of hanging ever since I was in my teens.
The idea of a noose or gallows gets me all crinkly insides.
Lee and I have been married for over 10 years and he has turned out
to be the perfect husband since his thing is hanging also.

We have had numerous group scenes and our private ones are carried out in the house
and garage where we have a number of scenarios and the beams,
railings, clothes bars, etc., to carry them out.

I have only one rule which Lee has set down. No auto-erotic hanging.
Don't do it by myself. Someone else, preferably he, must be present.
This goes back to the stories I told him of my hanging experiments
before I met him and the number of times I passed out,
only to be saved by a frayed rope or broken clothes bar.

I try to obey him, but when he's gone for long periods and I get horny
it's almost impossible.

This last time is what I'm being punished for.
Actually it started at a visit to the Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Boulevard.
I was just going by and decided to stop to see if they had
any goodies I could surprise Lee with.

They had just gotten in a brand new design of leather penis gag.
Black and shiny I could practically taste it filling my entire oral cavity.
They had also gotten in a new set of leather butt plugs.
I have never been into anal sex but these were fascinating.
There were five different sizes and before I knew it I had bought the middle size,
the gag, and an 8 inch penis on a rope bath soap.

I got home about 11:00 Am and realized that Lee wouldn't be home
until at least 5:30 maybe later.
With nothing substantial to do I decided to improvise.
I started with a long bath using the penis soap liberally in my vagina and anus.
It was the first time I had ever done any real anal penetration,
and the feeling of that hard, thick penis plunging deep into me was exhilarating.

My bath finished, I tied my blond hair back into a pony tail
and reapplied my makeup.
I decided to wear my long sleeved transparent white baby doll with a matching white garterbelt.

The stockings, I knew, had to be something special.
I had a new pair of taupe full fashioned seamed hose that fit perfectly.
My six inch beige slides with the 3/4" platform topped off the outfit.

Now for the accouterments! I started out with the set of gold nipple nooses Lee had bought
and tightened them on each until they were slightly painful.
Then took 1/4" line and tied it around my waist,
leaving the remainder dangling in the back.

Next the 8" penis vibrator and liberally covered it with lubricant and
inserted it deep into my vagina. Finally I took the new 5" buttplug,
covered it with lubricant and eased it into my anal sheath.

When it was fitted securely I took the end of the rope and brought it between my legs,
up the front and over the waist rope then back again
and one more time up the front, tying it securely.
The vibrator and plug were going nowhere soon.

Next I took our over the door hanger and placed it at the top of our closet door.
With the doors shut it would make a secure hanging point.
Below this I took two of Lee's copies of Churchill the WAR Years
and placed them right below.
This gave be a narrow 6 inch high platform to stand on.

My preparations were close to complete.
I got the rope and wrist and ankle restraints out of our goody bag.
The rope was a one inch nylon yacht weave. ery soft.
Already tied in a hangman's noose with 8 turns.
I threaded this through the hanger and put on the ankle cuffs.
These had about 12" of chain between them.

Next came the penis gag. It was larger than I thought but once I got it in,
it was like having the largest penis in the world filling my mouth
and almost to the back of my throat. It buckled securely in the back.

Now came the fun part.
I took the handcuffs and clamped them on my left wrist then stood on the books
and adjusted the noose around my neck with the knot behind my right ear.
I cinched it tight and took up the slack behind me. When it was daringly tight I wrapped it three times around the door handle on the closet,
and tied it with a slip knot.
Satisfied that I could reach the free end with my wrists cuffed
I snapped the cuff on my right wrist behind me. Now I was committed.

Across from me is a full length mirror.
I take in the picture of the blond girl bound and gagged
with he noose around her neck totally helpless.

I started by concentrating on the vibrator and let it work me to a lovely orgasm,
reveling in the sensation of the butt plug and the nipple nooses at the same time.
That first orgasm finished, it was time to up the ante.
I kicked off my right slide and then the left.
Now to have the same tension on my neck from the noose
I had to stand on the tips of my toes.
All I could really see of the wonderful reinforcements on my stockings were the toes
but these were deliciously dark as opposed to the taupe color of the legs.

I treated myself to a second orgasm on my toes.
Now came the really dangerous part. I knew that I had tied the noose so tight
that if I stepped off the books I would truly hang.
My calculations were that I would find myself an inch or so off the floor,
I tested this with my right foot keeping my left toes firmly on the books. Yes,
I couldn't touch the floor! I braced myself and waited for a third orgasm to begin to breach.
As I started to come I slid both feet off either sides of the books
and felt the noose tighten as I hung there.
My vision was blurry but I could see that I was an inch or so off the floor
straining with all my might!

My orgasm exploded and I hung there in its after glow
until everything started to turn gray.
Suddenly there was a crunching noise and I dropped about an inch.
I could just feel the floor with the very tips of my toes.
Startled I stepped quickly back on the books.

It took me a couple of minutes for my head to clear. The noose was too tight now
and I could feel my blood pounding in my ears. Still what had that noise been?

I looked down at the door handle and to my horror saw that my weight on the rope had crushed
the cheap metal of the shaft. It was now at a crazy angle and severely pinched the rope.
Panicked I reached the free end and pulled to release the slip knot.
No matter how hard I pulled it was completely jammed!

To my horror I realized that I couldn't release myself.
I had gotten so jaded and comfortable with my hanging scenes I had even
forgotten to put the handcuff keys where I could get them.
They were still in the bag! I looked at the clock: 2:17PM!
It would be at least three hours before Lee returned.
Could I stay perched on my toes slowly strangling for that long?

Worse I looked down at the books. My escapade had shifted them.
They were no longer firmly on top of one another.
The bottom was at a 30 degree angle to the top and threatened to topple over.
I would hang for sure if that happened.
Try as I might I couldn't shift them while still standing on them.

The only way to straighten them was to hang again and try to push them in line with my toes.
I decided against this for the time being since I was still dizzy form my first hanging.
Grimly I realized that I was doomed to make the best of it for the afternoon.

Soon the uncomfortableness of my position overcame the eroticism.
The buttplug and nipple nooses started to ache.
My jaws became tired from the penisgag and
the drool out of the corners of my mouth began to soak my white babydoll.
But the worst was the problem of staying on tip toe without strangling myself.

I tried to see If I could stand flat footed but this just caused
the noose to tighten further and I gave that up quickly.

Frustrated to tears I pulled uselessly on the free end of the noose rope to no avail.
The minutes and hours dragged on.
I heard the mailman deliver a package and prayed that somehow
he'd know I was s up stairs hanging in the bedroom.
I heard dogs and birds. All I could do was try to keep on my toes and conscious,
because once I passed out I was dead.

The hours continued to drag on. At five the sun started to go down
and I realized I might have another problem.
The lights were on and I hadn't pulled the shades on the windows.
I was faced with a two edged sword. Someone might see me bound, noosed and naked,
but it could mean my early release.

Suddenly I realized that only our next door neighbors could possibly see in the window.
Resigned I gave that hope up.

At five thirty the phone rang and the answering machine picked up.
It was Lee telling me he wouldn't be home until after 7:00!
Another hour and a half!
I was in agony now. How could I possibly last?

The I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye.
It was the neighbor's 15 year old son staring at me through the window.
More than staring! He had his erect penis in his hand and was jerking off.
I watched helplessly, pleading with my eyes as his cum hit the window.
Surely now he'd get some help!
No, he left all right to get his still and video cameras!
I hung there bound nude and helpless as the little bastard shot a roll of film
and videotaped my agony.

Again he disappeared. Now I was hoping he would just go away.
It was almost 6:30. Lee would have to be home soon?
6:45 and again I caught some movement.
Now the little asshole had two of his friends over,
and all of them were jerking off watching me hang!
I cursed them but realized this was my punishment.

Finally, at 7:12 I heard Lee come in.
I wanted to scream for release but the gag prevented me.
He called my name but not hearing anything started to move around downstairs.
Oh please, PLEASE come up!

Then I heard the TV start. Oh GOD! Not Monday night football!
That goes on at least until nine!

I was frantic. I had to get his attention.
I started to pound with my heels against the door, harder and harder.
Then the books slipped and I found myself hanging!
Desperately I tried to slide them together again
but just succeeded in pushing them far from my straining toes.

The noose cut off all my air! I kicked desperately pounding my straining feet
against the door as I hung, trying to get Lee's attention!
Long minutes passed and I felt my final orgasm begin to rise
as my vision blurred and dimmed. It crested and blackness overcame me.

When I came to the noose was gone and I was lying on the bed.
Lee had undone my leg cuffs and was untying my waist rope.
I wanted to cry out as he removed the butt plug and vibrator
but the penis gag prevented it.
Silently I wondered if my asshole would ever contract again.

He sat me up and painfully removed my nipple nooses and the gag.
This gone I tearfully explained what had happened from the beginning
all the way to the little bastards next door.
He just said it was just punishment.

I was lucky to be alive and not lying in a morgue with that noose around my neck
with a coroner puzzling over my self inflicted torture and bondage.

So this is part of my penance. There will be full slave duty for 30 days.
Two evenings a week at the Club where I will hang nude for the enjoyment of the crowd.
And at least three or four days of exposing myself around town
so he can take pictures of me in public places.

But worse then that was what I had to do tonight.
I put a sign in our bedroom window. "Watch tonight at 6:00PM".
At exactly 6:00 PM I opened the blinds.
All I wore was my black garterbelt, black seamed stockings and black slides.
I could just make out the little bastard watching in the dark across the way.
I started by inserting the dildo, then the butt plug.
Next came the nipple nooses. As an added attraction I attached a tension clamp to my clit
and strung it up to the chain between the nooses,
just tightening it enough that it was painful to move.
Next I strung up the noose over the door and stood on the short 6" stool.

I tightened the noose around my neck and made it fast around the crumbled door knob mechanism. Finally I cuffed my hands behind me, kicked off my heels, and kicked away the stool.
I was hanging a good 4" off the floor with my stockinged toes pointed straight down.

I hung quietly as I could for a minute or so before I began to kick and struggle.
Every jerk caused my nipples and clit to scream in pain
but this was nothing compared to the choking agony of the noose.
I knew that I could last for up to twenty minutes before I lost consciousness.

As the moments dragged on my struggles became less and less until I just hung there
with my toes waving back and forth as the room turned gray.

Then Lee closed the blinds and cut me down.
Now all I have to do is pay the rest of my penance.
I don't think I'll be doing much auto-erotic hanging in the future.

- - -
Make Love Not War

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