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story-SLFB-Joanie evening

Post by cocomink » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:05 am

My Self-Bondage Evening/Night

Friday night came and I was about ready to start an evening of self-bondage
and video/pictures for my yahoo group.
I laid out some of the items I had brought with me to make the evening exciting
for me and for you.

I set up the videocamera that I would later capture some still pics for the club.

I angled the camera on the tripod to get a good shot of the closet –
the first spot for my bondage.

I continued by placing a chair near the closet that I would sit on
while tying my ankles and knees.
Close enough that the hopping to the closet would not be too long
nor cause too much noise to be heard from outside in the hallway.

I got ready and tied my ankles and knees; hit the remote for the camera,
and hopped into the closet and started my strappedo.
There I stood being videoed in a strappedo tie,
gagged so I put a little realism and struggled for about a half hour.

Then I got my wrists free and hit the remote to shut the camera off.
I untied my ankles and knees and then went to fast forward preview the tie.
Somehow the camera angle had moved and very little of my tied up position was videoed.
So rewind the tape, reposition the camera, and off for another strappedo tie in the closet.

I only "struggled" for 15–20 minutes so I could get on with another tie.
After previewing it and thought it to be ok, I moved on to a change of clothes
and a different position for a tie.
Still in the closet mode, I decided to do a semi balltie / semi sitting hogtie.

I angle the camera and again "struggled" for 15-20 minutes.
By now I was looking well after 1 AM and wanted to do a chair tie.
So I pulled the chair into view and started wrapping the ropes around my ankles and
then my torso to the chair.
I still was wearing the ball gag (for over two hours by now) and my mouth was aching.
I then proceeded to bind my wrists behind me and again "struggled" against my bonds.

This was quite the exciting evening so far and there were so many
more bondage positions I hoped to do.
After all, there was a king size canopy four-poster bed just made for bondage.

I decided to change into my bondage corset, which can be padlocked with 7 padlocks
(can't get out of it without the keys)
and my patent black 6" high heels and to use the high heel restraint locking straps.

I also decided to try the ring device for a tighter hogtie and handcuffs,
so to actually feel that I was in real bondage.
I bound my ankles and connected the ring device to my ankle tie and the handcuffs links.
I then gagged myself with a pair of pantyhose.
I started the camera with a new tape and began the final steps.
I attached the cuffs to my left wrist and then behind my back to fasten my right wrist.
Click, click and I was secure and began to pull on the tightening rope of the ring device.

My ankles proceeded to be drawn to my wrists.
I then rolled over to be sure I was in the camera's target area, but made a serious mistake.
I landed on my left wrist cuff and it clicked way too much and was too tight.

In reacting to the problem, I pushed up and away from my left wrist
only to land on my right cuff (but not as hard). I knew I was in trouble
and decided to cut this session short. I got the knife I left on the floor for escape
and cut the ring device rope. I hate cutting my ropes, but this was an emergency.

I hopped over to the bed and pull the covers to the floor
(I had left the key on top of the bed).
I fell down on the floor to struggle towards the key (glad I didn't blindfold myself).
I got the key and tried to locate the hole in the cuffs, but to no avail.

I got myself up on my heels and hopped across the room to a wallmirror to find the keyholes.
I soon found out that I had positioned the left cuff with the hole facing away from my hands.
By now my left hand was losing it's feeling, so I had to act fast.
I could see that the right cuff keyhole was facing towards my hands
and began to furiously work to free my right cuff. I dropped the key to the floor.

I fell to the floor once again to fight to get the key.
Then back on my heels to see in the mirror once again.
After being tightly cuffed for almost two hours, by the grace of God, I found the hole,
turned the key, and was free.

Why I felt the need to be in a more real bondage scenario at that time of the night
I'll never know. I know that if the cuffs hadn't clicked so tight,
I just may have decided to go to sleep there on the floor in a hog tie!

This all took place in a hotel room. I had no one as my safety. (stupid on my part).
This could have been quite embarrassing.
I hope to find a bondage partner for my next bondage evening.

Make Love Not War

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