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Party Dare Games

Post by Hocapontas » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:56 pm

Copy That Pic! Party Game


"Copy That Pic!" is a funny dare game in which party people imitate pics to win.

A player picks 1 out of 6 pictures each round, then players bet "dare dollars"
and the one who bets the least money is the one doing the pic imitation. The
player with the highest bid is directing the imitation.

If you like chance to rule, you can simply agree that all players input the same bet,
then the game will select who will do the copying and who will direct it by random!

Players start the game with 6 clothes items and every time you are dared by
the game to imitate a picture and instead choose to chicken out, you must remove
one clothes item (to some sassy stripping music). If nude, you become a "dare slave"
to the player that wins you in a "slave auction" and then you will do that player's dares.

It is more challenging if you prepare with nice things to use in the imitations, like
whip cream and markers, and also if you collect to a big nice price for the winner!

You can control a lot of things as you please in the game, including game time
(1-9 h), number of players (2-8), which dare themes to include out of the 6, and you
may always chicken out a pic dare and take a penalty if you like to.

The game is in pc, mac, and flash formats, and the 6 picture folders must be stored in
the same place as the program file to work.

There are more than 3600 pics in the game in 6 themes, so it will last for years and years!

You can get the game here:
Filefactory: ...

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